Secretlab and Mojang Studios worked together for the Secretlab Minecraft Edition Chair

Secretlab and Mojang Studios have collaborated to design the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Minecraft Edition chair based on the Creeper. Launching in concurrence with Minecraft Live 2021, the Secretlab Minecraft Edition chair celebrates the Minecraft’s global community of their imaginativeness and passion towards the never-ending exploration.

secretlab creeper chair.jpg

Since the launch of Minecraft 12 years ago, the game has garnered more than 140 million downloads all over the world. Minecraft sold over 238 million copies at that time, making it the best-selling game of all time and was perceived as a global cultural phenomenon. The game has also topped the 2020 charts of Youtube for the most-watched video content with over 200 billion views.

creeper chair.jpg

As per the definition of Secretlab of their Creeper chair:

The Secretlab Minecraft Edition is upholstered in Secretlab SoftWeave® Plus fabric, an advanced version of the original, highly popular SoftWeave® material. Upgraded to be even more breathable and durable, players now stay cool and comfortable as they explore Minecraft’s endless landscape.

A new structure of interlacing yarn fibers makes it possible to achieve the chair’s unique pixelated texture — the black-and-green speckled fabric mimics the grass block, one of the core building blocks of Minecraft, and the Creeper itself.

To get this non-explosive Creeper chair, you can check out the regional pricings on Secretlab’s official website.