Secretlab Magnus Pro Gaming Desk is the new ultimate setup for gamers

A new gaming workstation called the Secretlab Magnus Pro adds a whole ecosystem of peripherals and the much-needed sit-to-stand capabilities to Secretlab's well-liked Magnus range. The original Secretlab workstation's best qualities are carried over into this new model, which also improves the whole standing desk experience.


The Magnus Pro gaming desk has best-in-class cable management, a gorgeous aesthetic, exceptional construction quality, optional Nanoleaf lighting, and an integrated power cord. All of this results in a stunning and useful desk that enables you to maintain an incredibly clean appearance.

This workstation is designed with video games in mind, but it's also great for working from home. The sit-to-stand feature of the desk enables users to select the ideal height for working while sat and standing. This enables more mobility and improved posture when working or playing video games. This desk doubles as a top-tier standing desk thanks to the addition of sit-to-stand capabilities in addition to being a great gaming desk.


Steel makes up the robust and solid-feeling structure of the Secretlab Magnus Pro desk. The Secretlab MAGPAD topper lets you select an accent color, an e-sports affiliation, or to match a Secretlab chair. The black metal looks fantastic. The magnetic plush leatherette used to make the MAGPAD topper.

This desk doubles as a top-tier standing desk thanks to the addition of sit-to-stand capabilities in addition to being a great gaming desk. Because the motor and power supply are built into the legs, you may power the desk by plugging one cord into the base of each leg. There are few, if any, wires running along the side of the desk since this links to an outlet within the cable management tray, where you can also plug in a power strip and connect your monitor, computer, console, and other devices.


That means that as you transition from sitting to standing and back again, you won't need to be concerned about a wire becoming trapped and disconnecting others or yanking items off the desk, which is perfect for a tidy setup with excellent cable management. Both a PC mount for attaching your gaming PC to the desk and magnetic cable management covers to conceal any connections you do need to run outside of the main tray are available from Secretlab. Over the years, we've evaluated dozens of sit-to-stand desks, and this is the greatest one we've come across. The tray is big enough for everything needed for a work-from-home desk or for gaming, and it is stylish.

The desk has a 265-pound weight capacity. From 25.6 inches to 49.2 inches tall, the range is. In standing position, most standing desks sway, but the Magnus Pro is remarkably solid. The desk seems sturdy enough to be used standing up or sitting down. On the front edge of the desk, on the right side, is the control panel. It was created by Secretlab to complement the desk's appearance and has capacitive buttons for simple operation. The desk's current height is displayed on the display, and there are three memory options.


The greatest gaming workstation available is the Secretlab Magnus Pro. If you currently have a Magnus desk, you don't need to upgrade unless you absolutely want the sit-to-stand feature.

The standing features are seamlessly integrated, and the build quality is excellent. Magnus Pro provides gamers with all they need when you add this to its outstanding cable management and fantastic accessories.


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Oct 12, 2022
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There have been no warranty claims or wrong parts supplied (such as the chair), and it has shipped on time (unlike the extension).