Secretlab revealed their first ever desk - Magnus Metal Desk

Before, Secretlab only produced gaming chairs, but now, they ventured out into making gaming desks that, no doubt, will be popular among famous and aspiring professional gamers.


Here is the brief introduction for Secretlab’s “Magnus Metal Desk”:

“Introducing the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk — the quintessential modern computer desk for gaming. Experience cable management perfection alongside a proprietary ecosystem of modular, magnetic accessories, including a full-coverage magnetic leatherette desk mat. Engineered from the ground up in our design lab, the Secretlab MAGNUS provides seamless, versatile organization for all your tech needs.”


Magnus Metal Desk is equipped with a magnetic leatherette desk mat and modular ecosystem. Also with ultra-durable metal construction, modular ecosystem of magnetic accessories, and cable management perfection. It was built to last with an ultra-durable metal chassis. It was also structurally optimized for loads up to 100kg and was just the right height of 735mm.

“We spent years studying how people work and play, so we could optimize the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk for maximum productivity. Set at a carefully calibrated height of 735mm, it lets you rest your feet flat on the ground and sit in a neutral position, while allowing your elbows to remain at a 90 degree angle on the armrests of a Secretlab chair — the ideal posture to frag out or blaze through your to-do list. Slim, sturdy steel legs keep the desk stable, while the open back and sides provide ample space for your legs and feet,” said by Secretlab.


The Magnetic Leatherette Desk Mat of Magnus Metal Desk have easily interchangeable designs. It was made from plush and durable leatherette for an awesome feel against your skin. The full-coverage magnetic bottom makes sure that it is securely in place. You can simply adjust the metal sleeves on both ends for the perfect fit. You can choose from a range of Secretlab Signature and Special Edition mats.


The Magnus Metal Desk has a proprietary ecosystem of magnetic accessories and built-in cable management tray that helps you to manage, hide and store your cable and tech essentials so that the protective covering of those wouldn't tear off. The desk legs have magnetic cable anchors, fastening straps, and custom-cut cable sheaths that makes it easy to route and organize the cords into your desk. Also, you can hide the cords along each leg of the desk.

The desk is priced at $449. It is currently available in the US, Europe, and Singapore at launch. However, the magnetic accessories will cost extra. You can register your interest to have the desk at their official site while it is still not available here in the Philippines or anywhere you are besides the countries mentioned.