Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Stealth Review

Over the weekend Secretlab sent us the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 in Stealth NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, to be honest, I also own the Throne 2020 which I have been using as my daily driver. Before shipping, we got an offer to check the other variation with different upholstery and color. They got the NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and Softweave™ Plus Fabric. Each with different colors to select from Stealth, classic, black, and the Royal the NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette is available in Stealth, Black, and Royal while The Softweave™ Plus is available in Cookies & Cream, BLACK³, Frost Blue, and Plush Pink.


In the end, we went for the Stealth Edition, not because it perfectly matched my theme but more of the maintenance aspects. As mentioned a while ago I own the Throne 2020 which has white weaving on it, over time there is a noticeable color change as the all-white color tends to. So hopefully the Stealth in NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette will hold better this time, and I don't have to worry about spilling a beverage on it.

Unboxing Experience

The most impressive part when you receive any Secretlab product would be the packaging. They are large for sure but you know firsthand that you are not receiving something that is disposable.


Upon opening, you are greeted with the giant instruction manual which is fully illustrated. Next are the backrest and head pillow. Each part is segmented nicely with thick foam padding so rest assured these parts will survive the shipping. Going deeper you will find the wheelbase, seatbase, armrest, and other parts.

One big change we notice is how different the armrest is now compared to the older versions, the pads are no longer fixed with the armrest.

No for the building part..

SL Build.png

You can build this practically on your own, make sure you get help removing the backrest and base seat out of the box as these are heavy. Thanks to the huge manual combining the parts are easy and straightforward, you begin with the seatbase and attach the wheelbase (there are five of them in case one rolls away). Next is plug the hydraulic piston, remove the screws and the backrest then connect it with the seatbase.

From this point you are almost done, next up is just invert the seatbase attach the multi-tilt mechanism, plug the wheelbase and flip it back on the upright position. That's it you are done, note you might need someone to help put it upright as this would be heavy.

Oh yeah, don't forget to put the side cover and armrest foam.

Built Quality

Let's start with the wheelbase, before the rise of gaming chair I own regular office chairs for gaming from Ikea. I call this chairs disposable because on how the wheelbase are designed. Most of them have plastic braces and over time they break. Secretlab use a metal wheelbase I had my Throne for 2 years and not once got a problem with them, so the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 will hold.


Next is the armrest, as mentioned awhile ago the design was chain as the soft padding are now detachable and so easy to replace. This is a great improvement because when our Throne version had some cracks it was so hard to replace although Secretlab sent their maintenance crew to fix it for us with new pads and we didn't have to pay a cent.


For the backrest and seatbase you get a very sturdy but comfortable chair, It's not super soft or super hard. Preferably this isn't an issue for our first impressions and a few days of use.


So far it feels good for continuous use.

The overall construction is phenomenal, we love how things latch magnetically. Everything just fits together with no irregularities or factory defects. Usually plastics will have some inconsistent cuts, stitching that are off, soldering bulges on the metal parts but we are happy to let you know none are present with the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022.

New Features

So what's new? Well, let's start with the head pillow. It's now magnetic you don't have to worry about adjusting the strap as they could lose tension over time. You can move around the head pillow as long as the magnet is there, not an issue but we wish the magnet can be lower this is because it depends on the users height. So if you have a smaller built you take a smaller chair so that the head pillow will fit them ergonomically.


Secretlab changed from the Prime PU leather to NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and the texture is noticeable it feels generally smoother. For overtime use at least until the time of this writing we are initially concerned if it will get warm, fortunately this isn't an issue.


Another change is the backrest, We initially notice there is no backrest pillow well this is because the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 now has built-in lumbar support which is fully adjustable. You can adjust the height and lumbar support with the knobs on the side to suit your preference called the 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support. We had to play with it for a while but once you get the right configuration you are set for life.


Also mentioned a while ago was the magnetic armrest, and because they are now easy to remove you can practically customize them or replace them very easily with the CloudSwap™ system. The armrest can also be adjusted inwards, upwards, and even swivel. I usually make it lower than my desk so I can push it under when I’m not seating.

But the best feature I personally like is how the multi-tilt mechanism adapts, for someone in front of the computer for hours this is a godsend. Instead of tinkering with the recline, you can just lean back and that's it! You can lock it or make it fully adapt to your seating style (slouching on my part).


For those who don't know, Secretlab creates award-winning gaming chairs and desks. They are engineered for comfort and ergonomics which holds to be true so far. They also uphold their warranty and support as we mentioned previously they replace the parts and service it without any charge at our doorstep.

For comfort, you can use it for hours without feeling any strain or backaches, this is helped by the customizations you can do with the Secretlab chair. The only cons we can think of is that these chairs can be pricey so you need to approach them as investments.

SL Full.png

An ordinary office chair doesn't compare at all to the features Secretlabs provide. If you already own Secretlab chair like me with the Throne 2020 version the new features are a great improvement overall and these chairs are built to last.

Where can you buy Secretlab products?


If you are interested you can get the Secretlab products on Shoppe or Lazada. Prices start from 25.990 PHP up to 30,990 and come with an up to 5-year extended warranty. And if you purchase in the Secretlab 7.7 Mid-Year Mega Sale you can get Up to 26% OFF, FREE Upholstery Wipes, and FREE Shipping from July 7 2022 until July 11, 2022.