Seeking for the light of hope, collaboration between Identity V x The Promised Neverland is set again!

Despite of the thick cloud of desperation, hope still blooms like a flower on the cliff. Despite of the bumpy road full of danger, we will march on even at the cost of lives just for the fire of hope at the bottom of our heart! NetEase's first 1V4 Asymmetrical Battle Arena Identity V announced its collaboration again with the super popular animation The Promised Neverland. A new round of chase is about to start amidst the fog of the manor with both hunters and prey sparing no efforts!

Escape game in the manor is on now.

Inside the deceptively calm manor, despair secretly arises, and here comes the escape game once again. On August 10, Identity V announced its official collaboration again with the super popular animation The Promised Neverland. One combined logo of these two for the collab has been released on SNS for the world by the officials, announcing the date in this fall. The advertisement for the collab was also launched on the weekly teenager Jump, which went on sale on August 10th.

With light shining on the red wall, a blurred and weird atmosphere is created. Clocks, pocket watches, books, calendars, twelve-sided dice, strange logos, and paintings...secrets seem to be hidden underneath those items placed on the desk. Can you solve the answer behind the puzzle and guess what's behind the collab?

Run to the bright future with the pursue of hope

The Promised Neverland
is a super-popular thriller animation written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. Carefree children living on a farm accidentally discover the terrible truth: the so-called " taken out for adoption" when they reached a certain age was actually being fed to "demons". To fight against the fate, Emma, Norman and Ray led the children to plan to escape from the farm and go to Neverland.

Look back to the first collab, main characters in the story, Emma, Norman, Ray, Mom Isabella, Gilda and Don, all cooperated with different regulators or survivors, and start another desperate escape in Oletus Manor. Many props that are familiar to players, such as the book that Ray keeps reading and Emma's lanterns, also appear in the game, letting players recall their memories of watching the animation. Such authentic connection between the game and the anime has won great praise and support from players at that time.

Now that the second collab between Identity V and The Promised Neverland is on the way, which characters are about to join the manor and the escape game? This time, with the help of others, will Emma and her friends successfully escape? No matter how despaired, we shall never give up the light of hope and will always keep chasing. Let's look forward to the second collab with the distinctive game contents and collaboration details!

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