Sega and Delightworks will release Sakura Kakumei, a mobile game for the Sakura Wars Franchise

Some of here might not be familiar with the topic today after all, the game has been localized recently. But the Japanese fans are really into this game, after all, they have played this since its first release in 1996. The Sakura Wars franchise has been recently localized and like the popularity garnered in Japan, the international release has been greatly received. With the momentum going on, it's high time to make a mobile game, right?

Sakura Kakumei b.png

Well, that is the move that they are planning to make as Sega is currently working with DelightWorks, yes the one that developed the popular game, Fate/Grand Order will be handling this game as well. The game's title will be called "Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi", it will be an RPG with different characters and their various skills to use in battle. There will be two factions in the game, but we do not know yet if these two factions can be mixed on the battlefield. The factions are called "Imperial Flower Squadron" and "Great Teikoku Kagekidan BLACK". You can see the characters on their official website which is this one: Here's a teaser trailer of the game to get you hyped.

Now that is something. I see that they are going for a 3D style of gameplay which is refreshing to see since every game currently in mobile is full 2D-style of art which can be very bland for others, nice move for the developers. Also, the action seems nice, other comments in the trailer ask if the girls will also perform, after all, part of the series is that the girls do performances and they also sing which is very interesting to see as a concept.

Sakura Kakumei a.jpg

The game is in the pre-registration stage where you can pre-register in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Twitter, and email. There are pre-registration rewards based on how many users have pre-registered in the game. Knowing the popularity of the game will succeed even if the whole reward milestones are not achieved in whole.

Sakura Kakumei c.png

But here comes the kicker, the game is only available to Japan for the time being. Sigh, seems like the game is locked in there, but don't fret as if the popularity and revenue of the game rise then they might expand in the West so, once again... HOPE AND WAIT.

Sakura Kakumei d.jpg

I can see the excitement in the game. It has a great franchise, great waifus, and great potential to become something else. I am gonna keep my eye on this as I love what I am seeing here. How about you? Tell us in the comment section below!