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SEGA releases Mobile SRPG ‘SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager’ for the world TOKYO, 27 September 2018 — SEGA today released “SEGA Pocket Club Manager” for global audiences on both

Android and iOS devices. Powered by Football Manager, it is the latest title in SEGA’s hugely popular and long- running SakaTsuku series of soccer simulation games which first debuted in 1996.

Prior to this global launch, “SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager” was released in selected regions across multiple phases. The initial Japan release was followed by a Traditional Chinese version for Hong Kong, and Macau. An English version was then launched in Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, followed by three additional Southeast Asian markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in July. In Southeast Asia alone, the title garnered over 50,000 downloads in just 1.5 months, with a commendable 4.2 stars rating on the app stores.

Aspiring soccer managers from all around the world can download “SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by

Football Manager” today:
“SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager” is a “Casual Football RPG” which combines soccer club management with exciting role-playing features to let players grow a small hometown club into the world’s best team. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a casual spectator, it’s easy to find something you’ll love in this truly accessible football manager RPG on mobile—including quirky conversations and adorable 3D cartoon characters.

  • Scout: Scout new players to strengthen your team
  • Supervise: Shape your players’ growth with Skill Transfer and Special Training systems
  • Strategize: Create your own winning strategies
  • Organize your Club: Manage a club that will make your fans proud
  • Take the World Stage: Compete against the world’s best national team in “International Mode”
  • You can be a player by using a your Phone Camera: Use the ‘Footie Face’ feature to take a photos of yourself, your friends, etc. and turn them into unique players for your team via image recognition technology
  • Be the strongest Club: Challenge yourself to the “The Super World Club Cup (SWCC)” tournament, where you compete with one another in each Division through Qualifiers and Tournament Finals to determine the strongest club in SEGA Pocket Club Manager.

In addition, “SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager” announced a new feature event called “WORLD Tour” which starts today. In this event, players will challenge the world’s strongest clubs. Players can earn rewards and event tickets by completing the mission set for each stage. If players complete all missions in hard mode, they will receive 4★ Manager “Garione”.

Download “SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager” from the App Store or Google Play Store and start making football history today!

About SEGA Pocket Club Manager:
A casual “Football RPG” Powered by Football Manager, SEGA Pocket Club Manager is a casual soccer simulation role playing game where players get to enjoy the process of growing a small club into the world’s best team. Filled with delightful 3D cartoon style visuals and humorous dialogue, this is a soccer game that’s accessible and fun for both hardcore fans and soccer newbies of all ages.

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Title: SEGA Pocket Club Manager powered by Football Manager
Genre: Football RPG Supported
OS: iOS / Android
Price: Free (In-app purchase available)
Publisher: SEGA

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