Selling DIAMOND V League of legends Account w/ Skins and more! Account 


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Jan 14, 2017
Taytay Rizal
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P15,000 for League of Legends Account PH: (Look very closely at description below)
130+ Skins! plus 35+ Chromas
180+ Summoner icons

80+ Champions
30+ Emotes
30+ Ward Skins
9+ Rune Pages
6+ Gemstones

IGN: L Alisadel L
Started: Season 5 (2015)
From: Taytay Rizal
Rank Solo/Duo Tier: Diamond V
Rank Flex: Gold I
Level: 126

My Usual/Top Champions used:
Veigar (Complete Set of skins)
Lulu (Complete Set of skins)
Soraka (Complete Set of skins)
Fiddlesticks ( Complete Set of skins)
Jinx (Complete Set of skins)
Tristana and other more etc.

Highlighted Skins:
(2) Ultimate: Elementalist Lux(RareBord. & Icon)
DJ Sona

(14) Legendary: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger (RareBord. & Icon)
Dragon Trainer Tristana
Project Vayne (RareBord. & Icon)
Project Ashe
Project Yi
Pulsefire Caitlyn
Star Guardian Jinx
Dark Star Thresh
Alien Invader Heimerdinger
Final Boss Veigar
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks
God Fist Lee Sin
Zombie Brand
Duskbringer Yasuo

(38) Epic: Odyssey Jinx (RareBord. & Icon)
Odyssey Ziggs (RareBord. & Icon)
Omega Squad Veigar (w/ Chromas)
Omega Squad Tristana (w/ Chromas)
Star Guardian Soraka (RareBord.& Icon)
Star Guardian Syndra (RareBord.& Icon)
Star Guardian Lux
Star Guardian Lulu
Project Jhin (RareBord. & Icon)
Blood Moon Jhin
Dragon Trainer Lulu
Cosmic Lulu
Pool Party Lulu (w/ Chromas)
Winter Wonder Lulu
El Tigre Braum
Santa Braum
Arcade Corki
Arcade Riven
Arcade Hecarim
Blade Queen Lissandra
Program Lissandra
Program Soraka
Reaper Soraka
SweetHeart Rakan
Cosmic Dawn Rakan
Slayer Jinx
Ambitious Elf Jinx
FireCracker Jinx (w/ Chromas)
Dark Star Orianna
Super Galaxy Annie
Battle Boss Malzahar
Eternal Sword Master Yi
Eternum Cassiopeia
Lion Dance Kog'Maw
Risen Fiddlesticks
Bewitching Tristana
Little Devil Teemo
Black Thorn Morgana

(80) - Other skins are Legacy and more)

*Note - I've spent an overall estimation of 30,000 pesos on this account for over 3 years.
Price is final. For legit buyers only.

Reason for Selling (RFS): Need for Tuition fee, and personal belongings. I don't play usually anymore.

Text or Message me on Facebook for more details.
Globe No. : 09156941829 / 09054334612
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