Selling Rules of survival and Dragonest M Diamond

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    Dark night
    Rules of survival and Dragonest M Diamond Recharge Buy at Your Own Risk..

    Rules Of Survival Price List
    Pc and Android Users Only..

    1200 Diamond = 400 php
    3500 Diamond = 700 php
    10k Diamond = 1500 php
    20k Diamond = 3000 php
    30k Diamond = 4500 php

    Dragonest M Price List

    1800 Diamond = 400 php
    3600 Diamond = 800 php
    9000 Diamond = 1500 php
    18000 Diamond = 3000 php

    Note: Payment First / Via Palawan / Smart Padala / Cebuana

    Fb Account Name Hermogeno M Johniza

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