Seoul Stars has developed the metaverse’s first virtual K-pop artist, Yuna.


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Jun 2, 2022
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Kpop has become a global phenomenon; from BTS to Black Pink, it has taken over western charts and appeared at mainstream music festivals such as Coachella.

Seoul Stars, run by Catheon gaming in partnership with renowned kpop entertainment agency ‘Humap Contents’, aims to create a bridge between K-pop culture and web3.0 by developing the metaverse’s first ever virtual influencer/K-pop artist Yuna.

Seoul Stars’ music has been produced by Tommy Lee, who has multiple number 1 Kpop songs and worked with globally famous artists such as Girls’ generation, Exo and IU. Seoul Stars has released 3 singles for Yuna ‘Kiss me Kiss me’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Flower’ through their community and a full 3D model of the virtual Kpop artist ‘Yuna’

Yuna held her first ever metaverse concert last month on Korea’s number 1 metaverse platform ‘Zepeto’ which has a total of 300M users globally. She will be holding many more virtual concerts on various metaverse platforms and fans can interact with her in those concerts.

Yuna will also be interacting with her fans on her instagram @onl.yuna as a virtual influencer!

You can check out Yuna’s debut single through the link below:

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