September and October Skins of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Revealed

Revealed by data miner Otep Gaming, players can expect a lot of skins to be released in the upcoming months. From high-quality to basic skins, players can anticipate how these skins will look if ever to be confirmed by Moonton.

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These new upcoming skins that include the first member of the Villain Squad, Mobile Legends Ranked Season 21 exclusive skin, Season 22 opening 1st Purchase skin, Special Tier skin, and many more, have yet to be confirmed by Moonton. As always, take this information with a grain of salt.
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There will be an upcoming Credit Score mini-event where if you complete the tasks, an elite-tier skin of Silvanna named “Future Cop” can be acquired. This is expected to be released on September 21.

Already confirmed by Moonton, Miya “Moon Priestess” skin has already been released yesterday and can be acquired for free by participating in the 5th anniversary celebration of Mobile Legends. A new support named Floryn has also been released.


The exclusive skin for the 21st ranked season is Gord “New Baron” skin. This can be acquired for free if players have reached the Master rank or higher in ranked season 21. This can only be acquired in this season. Gord's “New Baron” skin will be released on the 25th of September.

The in-game shop will receive a new update for the new skins that will be added in the fragment section. However, there will also be some skins that will be removed from the fragment section.

  • Moskov “Snake Eye Commander” - 200 Skin Fragments
  • Aurora “Heartbreak Empress” - 200 Skin Fragments
  • Martis “Searing Maw” - 200 Skin Fragments
  • Freya “Gladiator” - 120 Skin Fragments
  • Terizla “Abyss Guard” - 60 Skin Fragments
  • Karrie “Bladed Mantis” - 250 Premium Skin Fragments
  • Gusion “Cyber Ops”
  • Harley “Royal Magister”
  • Angela “Shanghai Maiden”
  • Thamuz “Liquid Fire”
  • Lancelot “Masked Knight”
  • Eudora “Christmas Carnival”

Other Skins Releasing​

  • 22nd September - Floryn “Springtide” (Basic Skin)
  • 24th September - Alpha “Void General” (Abyss Theme Skin)
  • 25th September - Fanny “Imperial Warrior” (Ranked Season 22 First Top-up Skin)
  • 27th September - Paquito “Underground Boxer” (Special 30% discount on release week)
  • 1st October - Ruby “Pirate Parrot” (Starlight Membership Exclusive Skin)
  • 5th October - Harley “DreamCaster” (Limited-time Epic Skin)
  • 16th October - Valir “Infernal Blaze” (Magic Wheel skin)
  • Mid October - Hylos “Iron Steed” (Lucky Flip Event)
  • TBA - Rafaela “Biomedic” (Reworked Skin)
  • TBA - Alpha “Sea Gladiator” (Reworked Skin)
  • November 2021 - Selena (Abyss Theme Skin)
It seems like a lot of the skins are of high-quality and are revamped to suit the new interface of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As it turns out, there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming in-game contents in the coming months.


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