Serialization of the Fire Emblem Engage Manga has begun

A Fire Emblem Engage manga adaptation was previously announced by the Japanese monthly shnen manga magazine Saikyo Jump, and it debuted with a prologue in the Feb. 3, 2023 issue. With Chapter 1, things have now officially begun.

The first three chapters of the Fire Emblem Engage manga adaptation will be available on Shonen Jump+ for free. Further chapters will be posted to the service three weeks after they are published in print.


Kazurou Kyou is the mangaka, and they’re known for their work on Dead-end-Host, Himedoll!!, and Houkago Idol. The manga itself features the male version of Alear as the main character.

Future chapters will be made available digitally and physically through Shonen Jump+ and Saikyo Jump, respectively. Three weeks after the print edition is released, the digital chapters will be made available. The first three chapters of the Fire Emblem Engage manga should be available without charge to readers before a subscription is required.


Fans of Fire Emblem may also read the "Prologue" chapter of the Fire Emblem Engage manga, which was originally published and made available on February 2 for Saikyo Jump and Shonen Jump+. The Fire Emblem Engage prologue chapter describes what happens just before and at the start of the game.

And last, Fire Emblem Engage is now accessible to Nintendo Switch users everywhere.