Set Up Mayhem in Mobile: Just Cause Mobile announced! iOS Android 

You might know the classic game of Just Cause that can be played on various platforms and how fun it is to just simply play and cause mayhem wherever you go. With its popularity for the chaos that you can ensue in the game, you got to wonder if it is possible to get this fun in a mobile setting, with mobile games being popular and seemingly heading to be more relevant in the coming years, you know it is possible, Well because now it is.

Just Cause_ Mobile _ Announcement Trailer (1080p_60fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.21_[2...jpg

The Game Awards might not be so popular in terms of the awarding part as it has been divisive ever since the announcement of nominees (I am still not pleased that Genshin Impact did not win any awards) but one thing that it was a hit was the announcement of games that are coming soon, we are pretty hyped for 2021, after COVID and lockdowns, we are ready for some chilling with games. One such example is Just Cause Mobile.


Just Cause Mobile is what you expect in a Just Cause game but more portable. You still have the chaotic map which you can tinker and play with your heart's desires. Grapple one area, destroy the environment, use vehicles to one-up your opponents, cooperate with other teammates in various game-modes, the possibilities are endless in this one.


However, there are limitations to what a mobile game can do compared to its PC and Console counterparts but this should not hinder you from having fun in the game. I, myself, am looking forward to what we can experience in the game. See the trailer above and imagine the possibilities. There will be fun in the game and I am glad that I get to see what 2021 can bring us in terms of games.

While there were no months specified when the release of Just Cause Mobile is, we can expect news in the coming months as 2021 is already knocking on our doors and we're getting ready for a new year ahead. Let's hope for a great one next year, right?