Seven Knights 2, The Long-Awaited Sequel To Netmarble's Original Mobile RPG Seven Knights, Launches Worldwide

Fans of Netmarble's original and long-running mobile roleplaying game Seven Knights can now embark on a new, deep, and immersive cinematic chapter of the franchise as Seven Knights 2 officially makes its worldwide debut. The game is now available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play. Users can watch an all-new video for the launch on the Official Seven Knights 2 YouTube Channel.


Seven Knights 2 Globally Launched in 12 Languages as a Free-to-Play Game on the App Store, Google Play
Seven Knights 2 takes place 20 years after the original Seven Knights game. This new story centers on the Daybreak Mercenaries led by Lene, the daughter of Eileene, who is a member of the Seven Knights in the original game. The Daybreak Mercenaries embark on a journey to find Rudy, the last member of the Seven Knights, after a series of events involving a mysterious girl named Phiné. Fans around the world can now begin collecting and developing charismatic heroes while engaging in a deep and immersive cinematic story.

To celebrate the game's launch, Netmarble is planning a "New Mercenary Commander Special Daily Login" event, allowing users to unlock various rewards, including a Legendary Grade 'Saint of Light Karin' upon the 7th daily log-in to the game.

Key features players can look forward to at launch include:
  • Collectible Charismatic Heroes: There are a total of 46 characters available to collect at launch, including familiar characters from the original Seven Knights that are joined by new Seven Knights 2 characters
  • Challenging Boss Fights:
    • Players can look forward to strategizing with different decks using various hero compositions, formations and pets
    • In addition, players will engage in battles using skills with amazing visuals, while partaking in real-time group battles controlling up to four heroes at once.
  • Deep, Immersive Cinematic Story: Seven Knights 2 features a deep and immersive story with two hours of high-quality cinematic cutscenes for role-playing fans to enjoy
Seven Knights 2 is a cinematic mobile RPG that allows players to collect and develop charismatic heroes of all shapes and sizes while engaging in a deep and immersive cinematic story thanks to real-time controls and in-game loadouts with heroic stat combinations, formations, and pets. Starring an array of characters depicted with stunning high-quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, Seven Knights 2 will immerse players in a true sequel featuring the fun and innovative gameplay of Seven Knights enjoyed by players around the world.

To date, Seven Knights has seen 60 million downloads worldwide. Seven Knights 2 has also been successful in Korea, having ranked #1 in the App Store and #2 on Google Play in terms of revenue earned following its November 2020 launch. Following the global launch, Seven Knights 2 will be available to play in twelve languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, and Indonesian.

More information on Seven Knights 2's launch can be found on official Facebook page, YouTube, Discord and Official Forum or by visiting Netmarble's Global YouTube channel.

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