Seven Knights Revolution New Teaser Trailer Released, Features The Return Of Classic Heroes

One of Korea's biggest mobile game company, Netmarble, revealed last Wednesday a new teaser trailer for Seven Knights Revolution showcasing familiar faces from the original Seven Knights game. Check it out now!

Seven Knights Revolution is an upcoming mobile MMORPG which takes place in the Seven Knights universe where the Knights of Old suddenly disappeared as chaos looks down upon the world, and its fate is at the hands of a new generation to save. It has been under development for quite some time now, and with its latest teaser trailer release, players will be able to meet familiar heroes from the original franchise which was released wayback 2015.

In the MMORPG, players will assume control of characters and will be able to transform into one of the Knights of Old, as well as a weapon transformation system, to fend off against the looming terror.


In addition, an anime series titled "Seven Knights Revolution: Successor of Heroes" is currently airing now in Japanese television. Co-produced by LINDENFILMS and Domerica, it's plot is based off of the upcoming MMORPG where people known as Successors enter contracts with legendary heroes to borrow their forms and abilities to face off the evils of Nestra. To date, 4 episodes of the anime series have been aired.


Seven Knights Revolution is expected to simultaneously launch in both Japanese and Korean servers, and has a teaser website available in both Japanese and Korean. However, there is currently no official release date for the game just yet and a potential global release also remains to be seen. On the other hand, the sequel to the original game, Seven Knights 2, has launched last November 2020 in South Korea. Considering it is also a product of Netmarble, it is highly likely to go global so keep an eye out for this one!

Their official Facebook page is also consistently updating information about the game and its variety of art which includes the design and graphics for the main characters. Go ahead and check it out now!