Several players found guilty for Match Fixing and Win Trading in Axie Infinity, 210 Axies Banned

Axie Infinity has issued long-term bans to players who they have found guilty of match fixing and win trading. After the careful investigation of the officials of the game, the accounts of the players found guilty have been banned from playing the game. They also have been prohibited from participating in official Axie Infinity esports events. The banned accounts must also forfeit their Season 20 rewards


There are a total of seven accounts that have been banned in the game along with the 210 Axies from those accounts. This is according to a report from ProgrammaticallyPull in the official Discord of Axie Infinity - Global.

In the terms of service of Axie Infinity, these players have violated section four which states, “engaging in any practice that aims to manipulate the outcome of any Axie match, whether in the arena or tournaments. All players should play to the best of their abilities and any sort of match-fixing, win-trading, or colluding between competitors is strictly prohibited.”

The accounts will be banned for 999 days while for the players, they are indefinitely banned from competing in any Axie Infinity esports event. Moreover, all the Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) rewards that they have received during Season 20 will be removed as well.

Axie Infinity’s developer Sky Mavis previously issued a final warning to players who were intentionally losing or forcing the match to a draw to reduce MMR (Matchmaking Rating) loss. The developers have strictly reiterated that they take competitive integrity seriously and will penalize players who are proven guilty of cheating.

Win trading refers to exploiting game mechanics to either intentionally lose to boost a player's Matchmaking Rating or secure win streaks for their own gain. In Axie Infinity, players who win trade usually either intentionally let their opponents win or force a draw to prevent MMR loss for both parties.