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Jun 27, 2018
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BullSF has created a new server for the original Soldier Front 1 or Special Force 1 game after being dropped by AERIA Games which is the last one to run the game. BullSF currently has servers for America, Philippines, Singapore, Europe, Brazil, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Here's a very simple step by step tutorial on how to register your account with Bull SF. Bull SF is the private Special Force server by Bull Games.

Steps to create your SF Bull Account:
  1. Go to their official website: sf.bullgamez.com
  2. Click the create account button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill up the required fields: Username, email address, password. Answer the registration question and security check. Steam ID and Location is optional (you don't need to fill up if you don't want to).
  4. Check the box I've read and agree to the Terms of Use, then click Create Account
  5. Verify your account in your email.
That's it! The account you created for the website/forum is also the account you will use to login to Bull SF launcher.

Here is a tutorial on how to download, install, and play BullSF:
  1. Create an account in BullSF forum first: sf.bullgamez.com
  2. Go to this link provided below to download the game client and launcher
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  3. Download the game client first, just choose one from the 3 download link mirrors.
  4. After downloading, open the game installer and install.
  5. Now download the game launcher from the same link in step 2.
  6. Once downloaded, install the game launcher and choose the BullSF installation path.
  7. After installation, log in on the launcher using your account in BullSF forum.
You're now ready to Play!

BULL SF EXP and Rank Chart

If you are looking for the 2016 version of Special Force 1 it's the original server by Playpark and Dragonfly go here. The old school FPS game Special Force is making a comeback! And this time. it's the original server, not a private server.

The game will be brought to us by Playpark and Dragonfly, and if have been playing private servers of SF1 you might lose your account there as Playpark announced that SF1 private servers should close or they may be sued.

SF Rank and XP Chart

Visit their official website sf.playpark.com


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Sep 10, 2022
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Versan Demingoy
how much time do i need to wait to download and become a regular member?

im still waiting to be a regular rank in this site