Shining Beyond Launches Tomorrow: Pre-registration is still Open

As mobile phone gamers, we always want to check if the game will be great via user reviews, testimonies, and the track record of the developer and publisher. While the developer and publisher are scrutinized for their actions, the game we are going to talk about today had made some changes in which the players in the global scene will like to see before it gets released, so let's talk about, Shining Beyond.

Shining Beyond.jpg

Shining Beyond is an RPG developed by XII Braves, the game is mentioned as an "idle-action" hybrid game as you use auto while you can still fight by commanding your heroes. From 50 heroes you can play 4 of them in a fight, mix and match them to see what works best. However, there's also another option if you have friends to play along with this game. Via, cooperation, or co-op mode, you can play with 2 of your friends as you fight against 12 enemies. Among the other unmentioned features, these are the reasons why most are anticipating the game so much.

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It first had issues because the game contains a VIP system which can lead to an unfair advantage with those who wish to participate with PVP mode of the game as they will receive more rewards than the usual players. Another problem that the gacha community sees is the shard summoning system. It's one thing to receive hero shards if it is a duplicate copy of a hero but a shard summon is a pain to get as it is completely useless in the game unless you have the hero itself. However, the good news is that the developers have fixed those issues and are free from those. So you can definitely see that they are doing their best to make the game appeal to all.

Shining Beyond b.png

Shining Beyond will have a possible release tomorrow, I say possible because as I am currently writing this article, they announced that there may be delays in the approval of the Google Play Store release so while it is announced that tomorrow is the release date of the game, it may have few delays so expect it.

However, the community is waiting for this game to be released. Some are skeptical but some are hopeful as they have waited for the release of Shining Beyond. But what about you? Tell us in the comments section below!