Shining Beyond Official Launch Set This November iOS Android 

The long wait will be soon over! Shining Beyond will officially launch this November and the huge pre-registration rewards await those who are patient. It's been a while since I gave an overview and impressions about the game. But, for those who are new, you can check out the rest of the info below with a direct link to the overview of the game I created last September.

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It's a hybrid auto-battle RPG with uniquely designed battle animations sprinkled with a salty gacha system on top. The OBT has been around for a few months already. If you're wondering how I was able to play the game, every mobile gamer knows the power of public APKs. But, it's already irrelevant to talk about since the official launch is near. You only need to wait for a few more weeks to get access to the game.

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Oh, if you want a better look at the game, you can check out the overview of Shining Beyond's mysteriously slow start but fast-growing OBT players. But, if you're already updated on what the game has to offer, then let's head out and re-check the pre-registration event that is still going on. The last time I wrote about Shining Beyond, the pre-registration count is on 424,331.

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Well, the count went up by more than 5,000 and it still wasn't enough to unlock the final reward - Immortal's Valour Wings. But, there might be good news. According to the official Facebook page of Shining Beyond, their post suggests that they might give include the Immortal's Valour Wings even if the final 500k milestone wasn't reached. Well, if it's true, that's one more reason to pre-register now!

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My opinion about the home UI won't change tho. Even now, it's still kind of messy and confusing. But, the gameplay is still solid. The hybrid RPG system that offers 4 main jobs and different branching sub-jobs are incredible. It gives you the ability to create the best team that suits your liking. As for the gacha system, there are pros and cons.

It's quite confusing to roll for equipment and heroes. It might be easy thinking that those two banners do appear in other RPG Gacha games. But, Shining Beyond's gacha banners aren't that simple. You'll see it when you play it.

Shining Beyond D.png

Are you into fan service, unit upgrades, and team formation? Do you like evolving characters and designs? Then this game might be the one for you. Once the game is released, I hope I'll see you all there. So, for one last time, I'll be reminding everyone to pre-register so you can get the best initial experience using the rewards. I'll be providing the important links that you might need. As for the credits, XII Braves deserves it all.
An important note for everyone. Shining Beyond will be available for both Android and iOS. The pre-registration is available for both platforms too. Just select the proper device before proceeding. And if you enjoyed this, why not join us in our Shining Beyond discussion!