Shining Beyond Officially Launched, Is It Still Worth The Try? iOS Android 

Shining Beyond made a huge noise for months since it entered the OBT. The access wasn't that tight and as I have said in my first overview of the game, the game has potential. And, guess what, it really did live up to its potential. So, let's see once more what Shining Beyond has in store for you if you're new to the game. The game was officially released last November 25th and is now available for both Android and iOS.


Can you still remember when we last featured this game? Yes, that time when everyone's still hoping that the pre-registration count will hit 500,000. Ho, ho, ho! They've actually hit 500k, and that means we'll get that scrumptious Exclusive Immortal Valour Wings! Those 9 rewards will greatly help you in your initial adventure in Shining Beyond. Using those 10x Premium Summon Tickets, it will be an easy task to get those delicious UR characters. Not to mention, it's also easy to reroll in this game.


If you haven't seen it yet, you may check out this previous article to catch up. Now that you're equipped with proper knowledge about the game, let's see if it's still worth it to try as a newbie. We'll look at every possible pros and con of the game, improvements you may or may not see, and every side of the game that you might want to look at.


The game is a hybrid auto-battle RPG. The overall design is impressive enough. It still has room for improvements but mostly for polishing. The cinematics of the skills and the balance of abilities are also impressive. The camera angle(s) is a cool feature since the game boasts of its great effects. It made me appreciate their game's overall look.


We've discussed the pre-registration rewards earlier. That alone is already a big plus for the game. Having an exclusive wing, 10x premium summons that may yield UR character(s), and an Olivia set can really give you a relative amount of confidence at the very beginning. The amount of PVE content is really satisfying since we're talking about a hero-collecting game here. Some people may be competitive in every game, but they're relatively small compared to those who just want to have fun collecting characters and become strong eventually.


I'll be honest tho. The biggest reason why I fell in love with this game is due to the high amount of female characters that made the game look like fan service. The game designers really outdid themselves by making each female character worth your stare. I don't need to explain everything since it's easy to see what I'm talking about here.


They have PVP and PVE content. It's a fun game to play with your friends actually. You get to see their progress and they may also help you in your missions. Another good thing about the game is the response of the developers. If you're a fan of Shining Beyond for quite some time already, you might have come across their Facebook page. Just by looking at their post and updates, they actually read the suggestions and opinions of their players.


Every update was dedicated to improve and make the game more enjoyable. Every event is exciting and the thrill of their gacha feature is undeniably satisfying. Speaking of gacha, a simple con can be seen in it. Just like what I have said in my previous Shining Beyond articles, it's quite confusing which banner is more rewarding. The UI is already acceptable despite its messiness, but the multiple gacha is quite confusing and annoying. Well, that's it, to be honest. There are a lot of pros than cons to this game. So, to answer the question of whether it's still worth the try, I say IT IS.


The game is available for both Android and iOS (the iOS version finally came). I'll provide the important links that you'll need. And as always, I'm giving all the credits to XII Braves for the content I've used. Your game is one of the best auto-battle RPG I've played this year. Despite being young developers, you really did a great job on this one.
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