Shinra Jewelry from Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to return with Materia options

A fresh batch of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra silver jewelry is now available for pre-order. Two Materia jewels can be fitted in each of the lineup's bracelet and ring. The products will reappear in late August 2024, having first appeared in 2022.


The ring will cost slightly less at 25,080 JPY (PHP 9,340), while the bangle will cost 27,280 JPY (PHP 10,160). Square Enix will inscribe a random serial number onto each item, making them all unique. Moreover, users can select up to two Materias from a list of five options that are based on actual gems:
  • Magic Materia: Emerald (changed from Green Tourmaline in the original 2022 releases)
  • Command Materia: Citrine
  • Support Materia: Blue Sapphire
  • Independent Materia: Amethyst
  • Summon Materia: Ruby
Here are a few sample pictures of the Shinra ring and bangle, as well as the two Materia slots that are accessible on every jewelry item:


Square Enix has been creating a range of goods based on the Shinra business from Final Fantasy VII. The business unveiled a Shinra laptop case, shoulder bag, AirPods case, and even an aroma fan box in 2023 alone.

On August 30, 2024, a fresh batch of Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra bangles and rings will go on sale.

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