Shooting Zombies in a Hospital? Android 


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Apr 10, 2019
Manila, Philippines
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I guess you may have seen or heard about this game somewhere down the web (hopefully not the deep web) but I would like to discuss this game
Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital because I have seen some people sharing it.

I've been playing this game for a quite a while now and I even recommended it to my list of offline zombie games which is here:

I could say that this game isn't bad for a soft launch, I could say it is in between 7 and 8 why you ask?

1. FPS
This game is in Fps mode so it means that it focuses more on shooting zombies rather than the story itself. I think it is the one of the highlight of the game which I really think is cool. Not only, I kill zombies but I upgrade my weapons and I assure you no melee weapons :D

Now, Gyro sensor is mostly used in Facebook pictures or VRs so you can see the environment in a field of an eye rather than a screen. This game incorporated this as an option to use aside from hand sensor. It's an amazing feature of the game because I don't need to buy Oculus Rift when mobile games are advancing yet since it's a soft launch, it is problem to use this feature for now. It gets laggy and sometimes they stuck on various places. I still look forward to use it when they update this problem.

I think hospitals in general are scary but I only saw few zombie games that used this as the main place to situate the story. I could see in the game that this hospital looks actually from an old asylum, I could also see some resemblance to Outlast. I also heard that they were inspired by several horror games maybe that's why I could feel nostalgia when I play this game, now that is AWESOME!


So far the main characters were the guy I'm controlling and this evil guy who kidnapped my guy (cute zombies). You will meet the survivors through certain levels and loots... yes you can get them by buying loots with the game's golds. After you buy them and you have them, there will be a special level where you have to save them. Now, it's up to you if you want to see these beautiful ladies ;) I like how they were drawn by the way!

The story is very simple, you get kidnapped in an infested zombie hospital by a psycho maniac then as you get through every place you encounter different hybrid zombies that you somehow knew that these were the people missing. If you like Saw, then you will like the story as it was focused on getting out alive with other survivors. Now, you won't get to play the survivors which is a bummer but I hope for their update I can play them.

This game is a mix of horror movies and horror games because of it, I think that's what make this game unique. As a gamer, I hope to see more updates of the game. FOR NOW, LET'S SHOOT SOME 'EFFIN ZOMBIES!

:pCheck this game on google play and Comment down below of what you think about this game! :p