Short story on the rivalry of OSFA and OVL

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Jul 24, 2018
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Short story on the rivalry of OSFA and OVL that marked the history of THOR. You heard it right, this article is about the 2 rival guilds of Thor.

Once upon a time right before the start of WOE era, these guilds never get into one another like oil and water. One is famous because of their charisma to get an alliance, the other is by loyalty of members.

One Size Fits All, established in 2007. Their famous Guild leader Milkyway, is one of the earliest guys to recruit guild members in the server. Their asset that time is their Archangel Wings, Hairband of Reiginleaf and their richness. They had the famous rising lady of Thor as their recruit mascot who made a video of invitation. Their glory days were consisting of 3 extension guilds and with their allies; Domination who has 2 guild extensions. They were named the lords of Thor until Overlords put them on shame and ripped their title as the lord of Thor.

Given their name, they have one of the earliest Solar God Helm of the server. Rumors spread that they bought it in terms of PHP from the guild Replicas (the guild who migrated to Chaos). They inhibited Kriemhild with 100 ECO for more than 2 months and acquired 5 Spiritual rings and 2 icepicks. Their earliest famous lines were “OSFA NUMBAWAN” until Armed n Loaded and Band of Tyrants broke their full line of defense for the first time even with the alliance of Domination.
Because of it, they doubled their time on recruiting to bring the AnL and BoT down, and rise to claim greatness again. They even recruit inside the Anubis dungeon, out of their desperation.

As their numbers continue to rise , their rivals AnL and BoT became one that named Overlords.
It was on December 9 2017, Saturday siege, the mark of history of the second fall of OSFA: it was this time they accepted defeat against Overlords by going to the Red Palace with no defense instead of contesting to acquire their place, Kriemhild. They were humiliated, most of them decided to quit after what happened.

Despite the incident, the guild’s strength continues to rise as they have the most number of alliance right upon their sleeves: to name a few of their loyalists: Project Mayhem, KKK, Unholy, and Aether. It was later, found their alliance with their former rivals Aftermath and Snake (the admins of ROPH Trashtalk Page) who shared the common goal of bringing Overlords down. These alliance were formed by grudge as they were also demolished by Overlords on the previous sieges.

Overlords formerly known as Armed n Loaded and Band of Tyrants, these guys were extremes in terms of handling their members. As what I remember, there was never a time that they PUB for recruitment.

Their remarkable siege of Thor was the fall of Kriemhild: it was a head head-onision with full force portal defense that got penetrated by the members twice. The first fall of Kriemhild (stronghold of OSFA) was done by the alliance of Armed n Loaded and Band of Tyrants against the OSFA (with their allied forces the Domination). It was the first remarkable siege of Thor and held the skull brothers alliance victorious. After that, the Magistral guild swore their allegiance to the AnL and BoT to form the third extension of Overlords. One goal is to bring down the famous guild One Size Fits All and its alliance Domination. They established their sovereignty in the Red Palace for almost 2 months with 2 Solar God Helms.

Right after being rewarded with the second SGH, they planned a massive attack and acquired Kriemhild with a full force on first minute that left OSFA broken. It was a great celebration as they acquired Kriemhild during the night before their Christmas party. With the fall of Kriemhild, OSFA numbers continued to decrease over the past days that made the leader of second extension left them to built his own team known as OFF-Limits.

Overlords reign of supremacy continued in Kriemhild for more than one month. On December 23, they were put into test when majority of guilds in Thor were united to claim Kriemhild. However, with the help of their allied Finest it was defended and made the whole server acknowledged their strength.

The cons of Overlords were their bad mouthed members that lead them to be the most hated guild in Thor. As the trash talk got worst it fell to the point that it goes to their personal identity bullies, even characters not related to the game were involve because of this. Then, there goes this Garcia Joms, who was a former applicant of Overlords (but got rejected I don’t know what is the reason, perhaps you could give me some?) who was rooted with hatred, he provoked some Overlords member to bet on his hunter and put some members on shame in PVP room while being recorded. He got rewarded from it, and was became known as the greatest trashtalker of the server (damn that title guy, is that something to be proud of? Hahaha) he was hailed supreme by the admins of Trashtalk page, by Aftermaths and Snake guild who made their unity share a common goal, to trashtalk all OVL members all the way, with talks; they succeeded Overlords left the page.

Despite the bullies, Overlords continue to prove ranked highest among the guilds in Thor as they wiped the entire economies of agits after the announcement of server merge.

OSFA and OVL, what would their guild be when they face off against top guilds of LOKI and Chaos. Will they be eaten and just become an extension of other guilds? or Will they be hailed supreme and took some LOKI and CHAOS members to follow their commands? One thing is for sure, the rivalry will continue...

-thank you for your time if you're up to this last line.

wag ka pong mag quit, marami pang aabangan sa merge.
nabored din ako kaya nagawa ko to. Ikaw baka makagawa ka rin ng ganito sa ibang guild na alam mo.