Shrines and Treasure Chests are added in Albion Online

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    Shrines are open world crafting stations and will be crucial in crafting enchanted gear in the future. They will come in three different sizes (small, medium, large) and three different colors (red, green and blue). The color determines whether that shrine is used for offensive, defensive or support items and the size has an influence on the maximum item level you will be able to craft.


    Treasure Chests

    Those treasure chests are placed all around the world and also come in three different sizes called locker, chest, and coffer. The bigger the treasure, the more dangerous it will be to get to, with the largest ones being placed inside castles. Once a chest has been looted, it will be put on a cooldown. This cooldown can be seen from the world map, so you will know when to prepare to fight for them.

    Expect heavy resistance from other loot hunters who will also try to secure their contents: relics needed for high tier crafting and silver.


    Sneak-Peek of the Week

    For this week the dev. team give an outlook on how a village of the Keepers might look like:


    source via mmosite
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