Shueisha filed a trademark for a new title ‘BLEACH Rebirth Of Souls’

Fans of Tite Kubo’s seminal shonen story have received some late Christmas present. Apparently, a recent trademark filing from series publisher Shueisha has revealed that a brand-new and proper, in this case non-mobile and non-gacha, BLEACH video game is currently in development.

BLEACH Rebirth Of Souls.jpg

Thanks to X user @Kurakasis, it was them that hinted on December 27th the possible next appearance of Ichigo and his crew to the public. They performed a search in the European Union Intellectual Property Office database and discovered that on the same day of the 27th, Shueisha filed an individual trademark request for the title BLEACH Rebirth of Souls.

While the filing didn’t provide any further information about the actual contents of the project, it was the Nice Classifications that provided a bit of enlightenment in that regard as the ratings in there said that it will serve as “an international classification of goods and services applied for the registration of marks”.

As the Nice Classifications of ‘9’ and ’41’ means “audiovisual and information technology equipment” and “services having the basic aim of the entertainment, amusement or recreation of people”, it seems that the label pertains to the involvement of “computer software for entertainment” and the “providing [of] video games, computer games, sound, music, images, animation or movies through telecommunication or computer networks”.

Though some were quick to say that this is just another cheap mobile game, with Nice Classifications rating, it is proven otherwise. Add to that, the theory that fans of BLEACH will be able to get themselves immersed again in the life of Ichigo Kurosaki through PCs or consoles was further given credit as Kubo himself has previously teased that there is a new video game project based on his work that is in development.

During the talk with his fans through his own Japanese-exclusive Klub Outside personal fanclub for the premiere of BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War, Kubo was asked if there will be a new game that will be launched once the anime starts. The fan clarified that it is not a mobile game but a console one. The mangaka answered that he might’ve heard something like that from his manager.

As of the moment, no official statements have been released by either Shueisha and Kubo. Stay tuned!