SIBOL's AK secures silver medal in TEKKEN 7 during IESF

The Philippines’ representative in Tekken 7, Alexandre "AK" Laverez of The Playbook Esports, secures a silver medal finish during the IESF World Esports Championship in the best of 7 grand finals, taking home a total of $6,000 USD (about 339,324 PHP). This A-Tier tournament took place from the 26th of August to the 3rd of September in Lasi, Romania, organized by IESF.


AK dealt with difficulty against his opponent, Atif "Atif Butt" Ijaz of Pakistan, who showed dominance in the first three matches during the finals, despite using his signature Tekken character, Shaheen. This put AK up 3-0 in favor of Ijaz.

Laverez was finally able to make a comeback in the 4th match by selecting the Tekken character Akuma and finally grabbing his first win against Atif, scoring 3-1. However, Ijaz quickly gathered his momentum again as he outscored AK during the fifth match, scoring 3-1. This puts him at matchpoint. AK delivered his best in game six and got the victory, but Ijaz was still on fire as he claimed another win, securing the gold medal for Pakistan.

AK established a strong beginning at Tekken 7 as he dominated Group C and flawlessly scored a 5-0 record, as well as during the playoffs after winning the entire match but one, which led him up to the grand finals. Laverez is with his coach, Martin Veerayah.