Simple Guide on How to finish Arena Nest DnM


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May 11, 2015
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A simple guide on How to finish Arena Nest

A bow master's perspective
First of all you need good team. Strategize muna and inform them about the dungeon mechanics.

Note: it's better to do it in 2.5D camera mode.

My Team when I finished it:
Im not saying this is the dream team at the end of the day it's all about your combat skills)

Merc, Bringer, Paladin, Bowmaster

Stage 1: Minotaur

Just pull them apart burst nyo kung sino walang Shield

Stage 2: Ogre

This is where your teamwork is needed. Most parties hindi na makalagpas dito kasi hit lng ng hit. Pag nagrevive ung isa uulitin lng then leave party pag suko na.

IMPORTANT: Save your ulti

What we did is pinakuha muna namin kay Paladin ung agro ng White Ogre, sya yung nagheheal. Importante na malayo sya kay Red Ogre,, bring it on a corner asap. While the other 3 pt member is bursting Red Ogre.

Leave 1 hp bar stop right there, then we did is niwan kay Mercenary ung red lipat sa white to burst it this time.

Kapag nagheal si white Ogre, thats when you use your ults itll cancel the heal, when both ogre are down to 1 hp bar, burst at the same time or pagdikitin para sure. You only have 10 seconds to kill the remaining ogre before the other one respawn again.

Final Stage: Carcari

Like some of you guys Kami din umabot sa point na 1 hp bar nalang d pa namin matapos.
So set up kay Carcari, 1 tank on head the rest sa tail. It's a safe zone.
Hindi sa ribs hindi gilid sa likod talaga. Your tank must know to lure it paatras ndi paikot kasi tatamaan kayo.

Carcari uses roar Aoe at *7 and *3 hp bar. Yun ung magbobounce kayo sa air tapos tatalsik palayo. Timing is the key, you can dodge this. Same goes sa ICE AOE through practice sisiw nalang to iwasan.

Most Crucial part *2 HP bar, this is the part na dapat maingat na kayo. Magsusummon na ung minions na maliliit. For Bowmasters this is annoying, anlakas kasi makainterrupt ng skill. What I did is run and evade. I only use 1 skill and 1 buff at this point. Homing arrows and the buff that gives you move speed.

Again the boss will use final roar skill. This is where most parties are wiped out, so dodge asap (they say you will have higher survival rate if you are closer). We finished it with 3 ppl at the boss while I am spamming homing arrows while running.

I'm not claiming that this is the way to finish it, but it might help.
(After this nag Cerb Hell kami piece of cake nalang // wala sa BP pure combat skill)

PS: Magpractice mag dodge kasi kasalanan mo pag namatay ka. Pakibasa din yung comments for tips from other players

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