Single (again) this Valentines day? Here are 6 gaming apps to keep you company

Let get this straight: not everyone will be happy this upcoming Valentines Day. Sure you can brag and rant that V-Day is just another normal day for you. Nothing special except large the number of lovers and flowers all over the place. But deep inside you know how lonely this day is without any ‘special someone’ to spend with.

However, whether you are heartbroken, a hopeless romantic or recently gets dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend, Valentines Day shouldn’t be a day of mourning for singles like us. Grab your phones, ready your chips and soda because we will be giving you a list of games to make you happy this V-Day.


Perhaps you need to get a new life after what happened to your last attempt in courting your school’s ultimate crush (don’t worry you are not alone but that is what we called bravery brah!) or you’ve been itching to do that ultimate makeover to yourself because you want to get the attention of that hunk in your campus. Whatever the reason is, Sims Mobile will give you the experience of customizing your very own appearance in whatever style you want (want to look like a punk? A nerd? Or a Goth?) plus you can even personalize your very own career, lifestyle and your dream house too. You will never run out of thing to do in this game as you can participate in their special events such as Speed Dating in the Park or Market Square Music Festival. And who knows, maybe in one of the in-game house party you attend you will finally meet the girl or the boy of your dreams.


Because you believe in the saying that “lonely is the life a hero lives” but you also wanted to be happy even in Valentines Day, Marvel Super War is the game that will fit perfectly to your jam. Play as your favorite superhero from Marvel Universes and engage in an intense 5v5 MOBA brawl with other heroes who probably like you has some Valentines issues too (but hey you’ve got super cool powers so who cares?). You can even customize the skin of your fave heroes to make you look stylish in smashing your opponent as the Incredible Hulk or slicing and dicing waves of enemies as Deadpool. But of course you can also try your luck in chatting that Black Widow player and hope she will join you beating down Thanos and invite her for a date afterwards.


You always thought that love is like a war; you need intellect and strategy to become victorious. However, your ex thinks you are just too weird for him or for her because your movie date night always end up with both of you playing puzzles and mind games. Well, Chess Rush can take your blues away this Valentines as you brace yourself with this turn-based strategy game that gives the classic game of chess a superb revamped. Picked from over 50+ heroes and be like a war general devising plans and tactics in an 8x8 chessboard as you outsmart your opponent. You can also enjoy other awesome modes including the Turbo Mode, 2v2 Co-op and a 4v4 Clash mode. Now, if only your winning move can also be done with your love life, that would be much better isn’t it? (*sob*)


Got cheated by your lover and replaced you with someone else? Then channel that fury in Skullgirls: Fighting RPG as you pick your fighter and start doing that crazy combo and juggle before even your opponent can pull off its special moves! Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting game with an RPG element to boot with. You can customize your fighter, improve its skills and unlock more powerful moves and Blockbuster to finally beat Skullgirl himself in the game. With a vast universe to explore, fighters to unlock and prizes to be won, Skullgirls will definitely make you forget that awful cheating incident or you can go challenge you ex-lover’s new partner in an all out Versus Mode and who knows maybe you can win his or her heart back after that.


When duty calls, sometimes you need to turn you back even to love itself. In Call of Duty Mobile, you will only have no one but your brothers-in-arms this Valentines to shoot ‘em up your enemies and bring home the victory to your squad! Now you can feel the rush of pure FPS action with the new 20v20 Battleroyale and Rapid Fire Mode that will let you become the next Rambo with unlimited ammo and low cooldown skills. If your trigger finger is still itching, you can dive in to Zombie Mode and blast those undead’s heads with your biggest baddest guns. How we wish though that Cupid’s aim with his arrow is as good as those pro-players in COD. (*sob again*)


Plague Inc. Is probably the game that you don’t want to play when you are still brimming with bitterness and anger as you can’t find the answer to the question ‘why are you still single’ and decided to annihilate the world instead (easy there folks!). Plague Inc. is a simulation game that will let you control, modify and spread a new pathogen all over the globe with an aim of infecting billions of people in the world and put humanity to extinction. With its deep gameplay, nail-biting battle against each country that wanted to counter your pathogen and selection of strange but dangerous pre-created pathogens like the Neurax Worm and the zombie virus Necroa, Pathogen Inc. gives you enough arsenal and thrill while trying to create the next global pandemic. But let’s wait and hope that the developer might release soon a virus that will make someone fall in love with you (dream on loveless one, dream on!).

What games are you playing this upcoming Valentines Day to fight that loneliness? Feel free to comment on this thread and share it to other gamers!