Sink Your Teeth In: New Games Announced at Tencent's Annual Game Conference 2020

Before ending the first half of the year, leading Chinese video game publisher Tencent Games (publisher of the globally acclaimed game PUBG Mobile) showcase a fresh batch of new video game titles and updates for their existing original IP that every gamer can expect to experience for the next 2 years or sooner.

The said conference which revolves around the theme "Spark More" also flexes Tencent's collaboration with world-known video game publishers and IP owners of hit games that will surely put every gamer to the edge of their seats. Tencent promise that their upcoming works will fuse three vital elements namely gameplay, storyline, and technology that they consider to be a revolutionary step in the gaming industry.

Some of the games being announced in their conference haven't yet any English translation so they might be changed or have a different/title once they are released globally. But without further ado, here are the major titles that you must watch out for from Tencent:

Dungeon and Fighter Mobile Game

Base from the hit beat 'em up 2D MMORPG, Dungeon and Fighter Mobile Game which is developed by NEOPLE will be gracing the mobile platform with its classic mash-up of side-scrolling action featuring highly interesting RPG elements that allow you to play different jobs and classes. You can go all out on its fast-paced action smoothly translated in mobile phones with brand new modes like Super Chaos Fight and Relic Battle

MU Origin 2

The newest installment to the already popular MU franchise will take its visuals to the next level with Unreal Engine 4 with a very intriguing World Miracle program that seems to be a breakthrough on the game itself though it is somehow hinted that it might be about a VR system. Still, details are not yet totally disclosed but one thing is for sure, MU will never be the same after this anticipated update.

Metal Slug Code J

In partnership with SNK, Tencent's newest game studio TiMi will bring the nostalgic shoot 'em up side-scroller with a revamped 3D graphics, tons of new game modes, and more RPG elements that will take the game to a whole new level in the mobile platform.

Street Fighter: Battle

It is not clear yet whether the new Street Fighter game from Tencent will be a card-based beat 'em up game or a straight fighting game but gamers will expect their fave fighters like Ryu and Chun Li all garbed in modernized features but still packs the same old school vibes on them along with other infamous characters from SF universe with a brand new combat system done with consideration for mobile phones.

Dynasty Warrior (Shin Sangoku Musuo: Tyrant)

The 1vs100 hack and slash game from Japan will be also be coming from Tencent's roster of video games within 2020 or next year. The game features an intense action all with your MC against horse-riding warriors in addition to the multi-player dungeon system and cities that you can personally build.

Dragon Nest 2

Taking up another notch in Tencent's conference is the sequel to the one of the biggest RPG in mobile gaming today. Dragon Nest 2 will continue the story from the land of Artria with the introduction of a new female priestess class and the Dragon Boss Battle. Dragon Nest 2 is expected to be launched next month.

Cod Name: Syn

Perhaps the most ambitious among the upcoming titles from Tencent, Syn is an open-world FPS with pure cyberpunk aesthetic for PC and consoles. Created by Lightspeed and Quantum Studio, Syn was announced in the convention with its own to technical demo that let the audience take a glimpse of its superb visuals and a brief yet sweet view of its game's technicalities.

Honorable Mentions

Tencent has announced over 40 new game titles which could be too much for just one article. But here are some other titles announced which we are hoping will land on the global arena:

Handicraft Planet - massive sandbox RPG done in Minecraft-like graphics that could rival the current heavyweight which is the Albion Online. It features planetary travel where you can build and fight along the way as you lay down the foundation of your own planetary civilization with all the freedom you have in the game.

Noah's Heart - an innovative MMORPG with a spherical map and a more upgraded open-world environment done in realistic Unreal Engine 4 which focuses on a journey from the universe to the universe.

Under The Plan - an extreme strategy mobile action game that pits 3 kingdoms in a war where weather and terrain can spell victory and defeat with each other. It was also created using Unreal Engine 4 and can support up to thousands of players all over your phone's screen.

The Great Rule: Boundless Universe - an exciting mobile MMORPG based fro a famous Wuxia novel with an overwhelming world and mouthful of features such as unique PVP systems and tons of playable races.

The Journey of Tetris - Tencent's put a more interesting twist to the time tested arcade game which features a real-time battle with other players, adventure mode, and a mode that lets you create your own Tetris game.
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