SINoALICE Nier Collaborations Release Dates have been announced!

One of the more anticipated gacha games that will be released soon is SINoALICE. A game created by the one and only Yoko Taro, creator of amazing games such as the Drakengard and Nier series. With his amazing portfolio and positive comments regarding SINoALICE, there's no doubt that the release will be very well-received. The game will be up in July 1st, so make sure to prepare yourself.

But that's not what we are here today. Earlier this year, we have covered news regarding the collaboration between SINoALICE and Nier Automata and Replicant. Being both Yoko Taro's games, this collaboration might be a great start as both IPs are owned by the same creator so conflict of interests and other stuff that people are worried with third party groups will not be a problem.

Nier: Automata will be the first one to release in the Nier 2-part collaboration. This will feature 2B as a free character. Being a waifu for the huge chunk of gamers. They will truly be rejoiced in this event. It will start in July 16th, so mark your calendar!

Meanwhile, Nier: Replicant will be the second part of the event. Whilst we do not have much information regarding this part of the collab. It is still well-anticipated by the players of the game. JP players know that this event will be good to start up your accounts, so play from the start to get your account rolling. Replicant collab will be up in August 6th.

Another gacha game is up in the corner. You will soon hear accounts rerolled, salty rolls and whales clamoring. But we should always find a way to have fun. Collaborations are one thing that can make it work since it might not be related to the main story and see the characters have a different side, making it fanservice. I am gonna play SINoALICE when it comes up, adding to my collection of gacha games, how about you? Tell us in the comments below!