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Jun 15, 2020
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Pre-Register to Jump Start Your Game with a Rare Hero

Fantasy 3D RPG mobile game, Sins Raid, is now open for pre-order on Google Play and App Store. By pre-ordering Sins Raid, players will receive the S-Class Crowd Control Hero, Panda Master-Zen.

In addition, by visiting and signing up on Sins Raid’s official pre-registration event website, players will receive an exclusively-designed skin for the Panda Master, transforming him into the formidable “Mystical Master”, along with a hero attribute bonus.

Pre-order and sign up for Sins Raid right away!

Get Free Hero Summons, Coins, and Experience All At Once
Looking for a powerful line-up before the battle?

Players who visit the official event site and click on the “FB Share” button to share the game with Facebook friends can draw heroes from the summoning pool.
Moreover, as the number of total pre-ordered players reaches different thresholds, extra coins, summon cards, and experience will be given out. The more players join, the more the rewards!

Tons of giveaways right at your fingertips!
Visit the Sins Raid website now!

Strategize Your Hero Line-up to Become Invincible!
Are you sick of no-brainer RPGs on your cellphone? Sins Raid aims to offer a distinctively strategic mobile RPG experience, filled with well-defined character elements, positioning, diverse hero skills, and Synergy line-up systems.

Heroes are categorized into six elements: Water, Fire, Lightning, Nature, Dark and Light. Players are asked to assign these elements strategically to gain elemental buffs and superiorities! And don’t forget that your team must also have a logical composition, containing heroes with carry, support, and tank roles at the same time to be truly invincible.

Synergy line-up systems allow players to receive additional boosts in battle by designating particular hero line-up combinations. Last but not least, heroes are equipped with multiple combat skills, including interruption, team recovery, and more. Deploy them at the right moment to defeat evil bosses.

Sins Raid is now available for App Store pre-order and Google Play pre-register. Sign up on our campaign website for more goodies before the epic battle starts.

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