Sins Raid has arrived on iOS and Android. Epic game content revealed!


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Jun 15, 2020
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Sins Raid has officially been released on App Store and Google Play. Get excited and download the game now!
Fighting enormous world bosses to get abundant resources? Check!
Crawling through the dangerous Burning Hollow to fight deadly tarantulas, Grandma Wolf, and Anubis? Of course!
An idle system that earns resources when players are too busy to play? Yeah, got that too! Everything’s ready, let’s get to know them all at once!

Sins Raid Promotional Video​

Co-op Boss Battles
Ever feel alone when you're playing mobile games? That won't happen in Sins Raid! In co-op boss fights, players can form teams of 2, 5, or 10 players to challenge bosses. In 5 and 10-player co-op battles, every player is asked to deploy a hero to match proper hero positioning, with roles including tank, healing, carry, interrupt, etc. Invite your friends or guild members anytime you want to venture out on a Sins Raid journey!
World Bosses
Watch out! The undefeatable world bosses are raging out! Players must fight these bosses and deal redundant damage to world bosses, and get rewarded with legendary equipment shards, coins and gems!

Burning Hollow
There are various bosses, minions, and even other players’ hero lineups hidden underneath stone slabs, which could destroy players’ whole team instantly. Players should choose one out of three "Blessings" to buff the whole team in order to increase the chances of survival! As players advance through the stages, the enemies will become stronger. See how far you can go!

No time to play the game? Feeling exhausted from grinding together resources to level up? Don’t worry, Sins Raid has an idle rewards system. Let the hero squads fight for extra resources anytime, anywhere.

Sins Raid is now available on Google Play and App Store today. Download Sins Raid and get ready to game with thousands of players around the world in this glorious adventure!

*Players who have already registered on the event website. Don’t forget to return to the website for your hero’s serial number.

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