Sins Raid will be officially launched in Asia soon, more exciting features revealed!


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Jun 15, 2020
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Sins Raid is coming to Android and iOS! Pre-order the game on Google Play and App Store now, and sign up on Sins Raid event website. Players will receive a rare S-level hero with superb crowd control and AOE skills and its exclusive skin. Better yet, Sins Raid is giving out gems, coins, and Summon Cards as the total number of participants reaches different thresholds. “The more the merrier!” has never been more true!

Today, let’s take a look at the two of Sins Raid's most defining and well-received game features: Boss Fight Mechanics and Multiplayer Raids.

Dynamic Boss Fight Mechanics
In the intensive Boss fights, players must maneuver around the boss, not only avoiding the incoming attacks, but also environmental hazards and traps, which will surely keep players on their toes. The Bosses in Sins Raid possess around 3-8 skills each, including random AOE attacks that sometimes utilize the battlefield, or powerful channeling abilities that deal great damage to players’ team! Simply sidestep these threats with style, or interrupt the Boss’s channeling to control the tempo of the game!

Tactical Multiplayer Raids
Sins Raid offers 2, 5, and 10-player co-op battles, requiring players to collaborate seamlessly by strategizing to create proper hero lineups and deploying appropriate skills at the right moment. In 10-player co-op battles, players must challenge frightening dragons with extremely high HP. This consumes the most time compared to other game modes. However, once players dominate the dragon, the whole team will receive lucrative rewards, including SS-level hero shards!

Sins Raid will be officially released on Android and iOS soon! Be sure to pre-order the game and sign up on the Sins Raid event website for plenty of rewards. Get a head start on the game now!

Multiple Co-op Boss Battles

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