Sky: Children of Light on Mobile Impressions

The new game from the award-winning game developer of Journey (2013 Game of the Year), thatgamecompany inc brings you an otherworldly gaming experience in the world of clouds and ethereal realm. Welcome to Sky: Children of Light.

The game's main objective is to return back the light from different constellations above who have lost their glow. You will be exploring 7 different realms that offer a dream-like quality on their surrounding.

The controls are very simple and won't require you to memorize a lot of buttons or moveset.

Graphic wise, the visuals Sky is topnotch even without the over the top details like other games. Walking and flying on the vast and artful landscape is enough for you to keep on going and look for souls to save by giving them fire.

Exploration will not be complete with sounds. Like its visual, the BGM is almost surreal that you might mistake it as a soundtrack of spirit beings. It makes the whole game surreal and magical.

Of course, besides its main theme of exploration, the game offers so much more. There are puzzle elements that will keep you glued on your phone. You can also unlock features for character customization along the way. And you also can improve your abilities by saving more constellations in each realm.

You can also join other players like you in reaching secret places, discover treasures and save more souls along the way. What's interesting here is that the game also encourages you to help other players by giving them light. There is no competition here. It's all about fun and adventure.

So far I am already started exploring the Isle of Dawn and truly the landscape is so delightful to the eyes. I also even a acquire a firework spell by saving the Old Wizard-like constellation hidden in a temple. And I can't wait to see more of the realm and look for other constellations.

Sky: Children of Light is now available at Google Store. Download now and be part of the quest for all the stars in the sky.