Sky Guardian Helmet Guide on the Most Expensive Defense Item


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May 1, 2019
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Item Review: A guide on the most expensive defense item

Sky Guardian Helmet $2400
+1550 HP
+100 HP Regen

Unique Passive: Recovery - Regenerates 1.5% of hero's max HP. Kills raises 0.4% HP Regen and Assists raises 0.2% HP including those kills and assists done before purchasing this item. This effect wears off after 5 seconds of taking damage.

Why does it seems only Belerick users use this item?
  • it is a bit expensive
  • No Physical or Magical Defense
  • Belerick's Passive (gives Belerick 1782.5 HP)
Tanks are usually have the lowest gold earned throughout the game.

In early game, Magic Resistance and Armor has a great impact to reduce damage rather than HP which is much more significant in late game.

Damage dealers build counter items (Physical or Magical Penetration) as 4th or 5th item.

The passive of this item regens your HP after taking damage for 5 seconds. You need not to recall just to regen your HP at full health.

But as a Belerick User (Top Local 3 and Top Global 3547), I still encounter some mana problems thus I sometimes recall. That is why after Wizard Boots, I buy two magic necklace then upgrade it to Thunderbelt later on.

I usually buy Magic Resistance Item first since Mages deal a huge damage early game while Marksman and some other physical damage dealers deal huge damage late game.

My main Magic Resistance Item is Athena's Shield. Cursed Helmet if there is an Esmeralda in the opposing team. Then my second magic resistance item is Immortality.

My build path is:
Boots > Magic Res > Armor > Courage Bulwark > Wings of the Apocalypse Queen > Immortality.
Sadly, there is no slot for the Sky Guardian Helmet that is why I do not use this item even if I am a Belerick User.

Have I answered the question why this item is quite unpopular to other Tanks?
You may convince me to use this item in the comment section.