Skypodcast Gaming Addiction, Faker Tribute Bundle, Pokimane vs Tiktok Parents, Beast Games, CoD Franchise Collection and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about the now-deleted Skypodcast Gaming Addiction episode, Beast Games, Pokimane vs Tiktok Parents, Faker Tribute Bundle, Sims 4 Dev Squad, CoD Franchise Collection, and Steam account.


Until Then
If you are into Narrative-driven adventure games a Philippine set “Until Then” will be released on June 25. You play as Mark Borja with his friends in a world recovering from a catastrophe. In the game you are a typical Teen Filipino who wakes up in a teenage bedroom, practice piano, race to meet homework deadlines, and depending on you can build or burn relationships. Since is set in the Philippines you can Experience a World Inspired by Philippine Locations and Culture. So if you are interested Until Then will launch for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam on June 25

Zenless Zone Zero
If you are waiting for HoYoverse latest game “Zenless Zone Zero” well apparently the game will officially launch on July 4 the game is a Free-to-play urban action RPG with furries, are you excited? If you are interested, Zenless Zone Zero will be available for PS5, PC, iOS, and Android and if you pre-register you will get a x20 senior investigator log and x10 W-Engine energy module

PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super
Are you into Dragon Ball? Sparking! CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA, CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA! Because apparently Krafton announces the return of Dragon Ball Super mode to PUBG Mobile. According to the update, the Dragon Ball Super-themed mode will be added to the ongoing version 3.2. In the trailer its showcase the DBZ characters Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo. The characters are seen flying around and even using Kamehameha. Since it's Dragon Ball, you can collect the balls to summon Shenron. No mention of when but Krafton said it soon, maybe right now or after posting a video.

Faker Tribute Bundle
If you play League of Legends and you're a fan of Faker. Well, Riot Games recently Faker was inducted into Riot’s Hall of Fame the Hall of Legends, Deserve right? To commemorate this they have released the Faker Tribute Bundle, if you are interested you can check the details on their website. The Faker Tribute Bundle is divided into 3 tiers. Risen Legend Collection which is available for 5,430 RP. Immortalized Legend Collection which is available for 32,430 RP. The cream of the crop Signature Immortalized Legend Collection which is available for 59,260 RP.

So how much is this in pesos? Well around 11~12k Php, depending on your Discounted FB seller. I guess it exceeds expectations. Too low for you? let's go to the next topic.

The Sims 4
If you are playing The Sims 4, EA is finally assembling a strike team to deal with the game's technical issues. Note that the game was released in 2014 then it became free to play around 2022, So finally?

So what have been they doing previously? Well, have you seen their DLC packs? Guess how many? On the Steam list, they have 79. So it seems like that's their focus. If you buy them all you will only spend 43,292 PHP, do you think you can never find a deal like this?

Call of Duty Franchise Bundle
Call of Duty Black Ops 6 was recently announced, so if you really really like the Call of Duty franchise you can buy the Call of Duty Franchise Collection! Yes?

As of this writing the Call of Duty Franchise Collection is sold for 49,820 PHP. But wait there's more if you buy now you get a 10% discount so you can pay 44,838 PHP. Unfortunately, the Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is not included in this bundle. However, Microsoft has confirmed the arrival of Call of Duty Black Ops 6 on the Xbox Game Pass on day one

Beast Games
Pretty sure you know Mr Beast right? Well, apparently MrBeast has announced the Beast Games. This will be a game show with 5 million dollars at stake or 292M PHP. However there will be 5000 participants, are you interested? here are the requirements. First, you need to be 18 or older when you apply. Make sure your passport is good through April 2025. You need to be available in late June (and may need to be available as late as September 2024), this might change though.

So to apply you need to submit a one-minute video with the following content name, age, where you live, and what you do for a living. What would you do with millions of dollars? Why do you want to compete for a spot in BEAST GAMES? You should try and impress us with this video If you meet all the criteria you can submit it on the beastgames website.

Steam Account
What do you plan to do with your Steam account when you die? Unfortunately Steam confirmed you can't do that. Because Valve Steam accounts cannot be transferred even after death.

This was revealed when a fan asked about it in Steam support. Basically Valve is very strict about who can use your Steam account besides yourself. Technically there is still a way you can give the account. Make sure they have access to your steam guard or if you are using 2FA if via text or email.

The purchasing is a different matter since payment info will be different, But yeah what are your thoughts about this matter?

Pokimane vs Tiktok Parents
We've touched on this before with Den Gerard, If you have kids will you allow them to become influencers or esports players? How about making content with them on social media?

In a recent article by Dexerto, it was revealed on a podcast that. Twitch streamer Pokimane is not a fan of parents who use their kids to make Tik Tok content basically accusing parents of not caring about their children’s mental well-being.

Here are what she said, Are you really a parent if you’re being so goddamn irresponsible. Sometimes, you’ll even see that the parent is clickbaiting their child in inappropriate ways.

Pokimane is not a fan for the primary reasons, Their priority is clout, viewers, and audience, and it is not the mental well-being of their child or their child’s future. What are your thoughts on this?

If I remember correctly even if it's just a prank some kids got taken away from their parents due to the parent's actions. let us know in the comments, do you agree with Pokimane?

Skypodcast Gaming Episode
Do you watch or listen to SkyPodcast? In a now-deleted episode called “My Boyfriend is Addicted to Gaming”, SkyPodcast received some unwanted attention from the gaming community. I even saw Gloco commenting as well as Dinocornel creating a video response.

Disclaimer we only saw the clip of the reels because the whole video was deleted. But the premise of the video according to Dinocornel a letter sender was asking for advice because the partner is addicted to gaming. It was noted that the partner is playing up to 22 hours of playing the game (not sure if per day or per week). The problem now is how the video was presented by Skypodcast, like it assumes that if you are a gamer you don't know how to prioritize or an addict there is no middle ground

So what happened, what did they say? First Kryz Uy was thankful that Slater was not a gamer or will never be a gamer this has to do with his fingers? Note this was according to them.

Then in another clip “Kryz Uy” mentions that her best friend used to date someone addicted to gaming. Which was then followed by saying “Parang understood na if your boyfriends into gaming they will really spend less time with you”, Is this true?

Kryz Uy added that she's lucky that she doesn't have to deal with that, denoting it's a bad thing. Her reason from a girlfriend or wife perspective is that it's selfish. Then Kryz Uy said “if you prioritize this game wag ka nalang majowa” especially if the gf, family, and school are affected

Slater says that 1 hour or 2 hours of gaming is not enough especially when you are having fun. However, Kryz Uy responded that you should know the things you prioritized in life. Like why do you game in the first place? So yeah that's the Sky Podcast addicted to gaming discussion, what are your thoughts?

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