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Smart Smart ehi / vpn / hpi / xp / epro / ktc downloads

Discussion in 'Internet and Networking' started by anonymous, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Pinoy Gamer

    Smart and TnT free internet downloads and discussion thread for android, iOS, pocket wifi, wimax, dsl, fiber or broadband users to avoid duplicate thread.

    Config Files
    • Downloadable config files like ehi / vpn / hpi / xp / epro / ktc must be placed inside spoiler tag.
    • Put inside the code tag all ssh and proxy links
    Tutorials and Questions
    • You can post tutorials related to Smart and Talk n Text
    • To better answer your questions pls reply a very descriptive question
    Tips and Tricks
    • Feel free to share http injector guides
    • If you have other Smart Free Internet tutorial kindly share.
    Note: Users with 25 post below will not see the links para iwas hit and run, dont forget to drop thanks sa mga nag share.
  2. Syndicate

    Syndicate Pinoy Gamer

    All good for 7 days fast download and upload, torrent working open data for wifi and no youtube buffer

    Singapore 4
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  3. PUNY19

    PUNY19 Gamer

    please i need one of this

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