Smart Omega secures the Top Spot in the Playoffs Stage at COD Mobile World Championship 2022

Smart Omega secures the top spot for the playoffs stage in Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 after finishing the group stage with clean sweep victories against the biggest names in the COD Mobile esports scene - STMN Esports from Europe and NYSL Mayhem from North America.

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The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 was held in Raleigh, North Carolina and on the opening day of the tournament, Smart Omega finished the group stage with two consecutive clean sweep victories, which earned them the top spot for the playoffs stage.

Smart Omega faced Europe's STMN Esports first and during the match, they dominated the opposing team with a 250:213 victory in the Hardpoint map then a 12:10 triumph in Search and Destroy. They closed the series against the European team with a 3:0 win in the Control map in the last game.

With their win against the European powerhouse, they then faced North America’s NSYL Mayhem and had a hundred-point lead before finishing the first game with a 250:243 win in Hardpoint. To gain an upper hand, NSYL Mayhem tried to apply pressure during the second match, however, Smart Omega still secured a clutch win of 7:5 score in Search and Destroy. After that, they closed the match against the team with a 3:0 win in Control.

As Smart Omega was the only remaining Southeast Asian team in the playoffs, fans were hopeful that they could keep their momentum during the quarterfinals.

Smart Omega was up against the Brazilian squad, SKADE, in the first round of the playoffs stage. During the match, the PH representatives dominated SKADE with a 250:209 lead in Hardpoint then a 7:3 win in Search and Destroy. However, the Brazilian squad took the win during Control with a 2:3 win. Thankfully, Smart Omega did not let that win get to them as they finished the series with 250:172 victory in Hardpoint in Map 4.

Smart Omega then moved to the upper bracket semifinals. They were up against another Brazilian team named Inco Stalwart. Sadly, the PH team was bested in all three matches, giving Inco Stalwart a clean sweep victory.

Due to that defeat, Smart Omega went down to the lower bracket. There, they faced the American esports team, Tribe Gaming. Unfortunately, the momentum that they had during the group stage and the first round of the playoffs was lost.

Tribe Gaming had a clean sweep victory, as well, which ended Smart Omega’s run in the competition. The PH representatives finished at 5th-6th place in the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022.

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