Smart Ping FAQs


Elite Gamer
Nov 4, 2018
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Smart ping is a radial menu that includes four new alerts you can use to better communicate with your team. Split second communication is a key to success in League of Legends, and with Smart Ping you'll spend less time typing and more time dominating your opponents. These new pings include:

  • Each notification has a different graphic, sound and color associated with it so you'll never be confused about which ping just went out. Both current pings, attack and defend, will remain exactly the same.
  • To use these pings, hold down the Alt, Ctrl, G, or V keys while clicking to show the new ping overlay. Then, move your mouse in the direction of the ping you want to issue, and release.
  • You can perform this action either on the terrain or the minimap for precision pinging. Once you get a feel for the new system, a quick motion is all you'll need - the ping UI won't even appear if you activate your desired ping fast enough.

Play a game and try it out now! Happy gaming!