Smash Legends - New Cross-Platform Multiplayer Action Game For PC And Smartphones iOS Android 

We got something extra special for you today. LINE Games, together with 5minlab as the developer, presents a new action-packed game for both PC and mobile - Smash Legends. The game will support cross-play between the devices making the market of the game pretty wide. Personally, the art used in this game resembles some sort of Disney's character designing.

Looking at the game mechanics, it's like combining Brawlhalla's timed knock-em-out action gameplay and the 3D cuteness, more of awesomeness, of Super Smash Bros. But, then, this is an entirely new and different game. In the most basic sense, the rules are simple - knock as many opponents off the ring as you can.

They've prepared various game modes to suit your hunger for any kind of action. The game offers head-to-head duel, capture point, classic 2v2s & 3v3s, capture points, eight-player battle royale, and what they call "Thunder King Mode". They actually have a Youtube channel where you can check out some of the game features. I'll put the links you might need down below.

If you'll watch the footage on Youtube, you'll be amazed at how the game works. And since it will support the cross-play between PC and mobile, there's a good chance that it will also come to consoles if the game really succeeds in the future. The game was already tested last May 2020 using its first Community Group Test. So expect some major improvements as the launch draws closer.

For the PC version, you'll be able to access the game thru Steam's Early Access. For smartphones, you'll be able to download the game from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS). That's pretty much it. But, if any update arises, we'll let you know as fast as we can. Personally, I would love to try the game out since I don't have access to the latest Super Smash Bros. game. Who knows? This might be the next big thing in the market soon.

The images and content used are properties of LINE Games and 5minlab. It's good to see a very innovative game coming in the next few months. Although there's no country restriction or exclusivity, I hope our region will be able to play the game. I'm personally excited to try it.

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