Smilegate showcases Lost Ark Mobile at G-STAR 2023 and enticed players using Hands-On Experiences

Smilegate RPG proudly presents Lost Ark Mobile at G-STAR 2023. The game was in development for six years and during that time, it was strictly under wraps that no details were revealed until G-Star 2023. Through the event, the event-goers were given the chance to have a series of hands-on encounters of the game to let them have a feel of what it is and to enjoy it before it officially launches.

lost ark mobile.jpg

During the years of the game being in development, it has garnered curiosity from players for its development status and possible release date. With the game showcasing its solo and group content at G-Star 2023, it appears that the long-term Unreal Engine 5 project of the company is finally getting its Korean release.

Through the hands-on encounters of the game at the event, it was found out that Lost Ark Mobile will be featuring seven classes which are specifically designed for mobile devices. The seven classes include the Warlord, Berserker, Devil Hunter, Bard, Summoner, Swordmaster, and Battlemaster, with each of these classes having their own combat and play style. Note that Auto-play is heavily used in the game.

The storyline is also said to be kind of similar to Lost Ark with only a few changes to fit the mobile version. There will be character customization as well. It can also be expected that challenging content will be available in the game as two major events, such as the Abyss Dungeon and Morai Ruins, were featured during the hands-on encounters.

Currently, there’s yet an official release date for the game so let’s wait for a bit more for the announcement from the company.