Smite's Next Character Morrigan

Discussion in 'MOBA' started by LockDown, Jan 6, 2017.

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    Hi-Rez Studio the developer of Smite being part of its annual expo this week has announced the next character of the game, Celtic pantheon's first. Smite's new character is named The Morrigan, and she's a Mage with a particularly interesting Ultimate. Changeling allows her to transform into any other character in the current game session, be it an ally or an enemy. Stats and Items are also gonna be copied which allow her to use all her abilities.


    Her other abilities are less radical but have the makings of an interesting character all the same. Deadly Aspects summons allies to her side and then allows her to damage and stun enemies in front of her. Dark Omen shoots an attack in a line, dealing damage and applying an omen to them for a short time. This causes them to take additional damage when hit by an ally's ability. Finally, Confusion causes The Morrigan to stealth and gain movement speed, and it creates a clone that runs toward a target location. It doesn't deal any damage and disappears with a single hit.

    source via gamespot

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