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Sep 13, 2018
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Let me start off by saying Blitzers are not really the best builds for PVP or WOE because they have lesser damage outputs compared to DS or Trapper builds. That being said, Blitzers are very good at PVM and (in my opinion) give you the most fun while leveling. This is also ideal for players who are LAZY and don't really want to keep on pressing buttons for skills.

Since my character has already transcended to a Sniper, I thought this would be the best time to show the progress of my hybrid build. Why did I go hybrid this time? Well because I wanted to utilize the Sniper Skills such as Focus Arrow Strike (Sharpshoot) and Falcon Eyes (True Sight). I mean you're already a Sniper, whats the use of just making a pure blitzer when you cant even maximize your new sniper skills.

Here are my planned stats as follows:
AGI 99
VIT 40
INT 13
DEX 70
LUK 50

Now let's talk about my stat build so that I can better explain why I went the route that I did:

► Strength (1) - I know some players like to put STR on their Hunters/Snipers to carry more arrows or traps or just items in general however apart from weight, there's really nothing else you benefit from STR as a hunter. You're better off with Lvl 10 Gym Pass than adding STR, which for me, was a total waste of stat points.

► Agility (99) - Now some, if not most, people would probably question my decision as to why I maxed out my AGI but being a Blitzer requires high attack speed which means more hits per second and high flee which means more chances of surviving getting mobbed. Some of you might say that 90 is enough or 95 or 96 and so on, but the main reason I maxed it out is because I already had a pre-planned build with items that focus mainly on AGI. The faster your aspd is, the more you hit and the more chances to auto-blitz. With my current build and items, I have 185 aspd without buffs, 186 with agility and blessing and 187 when I use Falcon Eyes (True Sight).

► Vitality (40) - As a job that has little defense and health, increasing VIT its helpful to up both those multipliers. This just means more health and more defense for you. If you participate in WOE like I do, you would know that VIT is really important in terms of survival. Also every 10 VIT reduces your stun duration by 0.5secs so 40 vit will reduce your stun duration from 5 secs to just 3.

► Intelligence (13) - Probably one of the most controversial stats that everybody was surprised about when I built my sniper is my current INT. No I will no longer add any stats for INT and yes that's enough for me. I know everyone was so used to me giving advice on 45 int 40 dex combo to reach 1k falcon dmg but once you're a sniper, you'll find out that not all skills can be maximized especially for a blitzer. Yes INT is required for falcon damage AND its the modifier for Falcon Assault (which is a savage skill btw) BUT with the aftercast delay of the skill and need for high int to get more dmg, Falcon Assault would probably be better geared toward trappers instead of blitzers. Falcon Assault's base dmg without buffs is already 4000 and that's already a good number if you want to 1 hit easy targets. Every 1 int adds 50 more damage to Falcon Assault so with 99 base int, you cant even go beyond 10k dmg (so much for ignoring defense). This is the main reason why I only stopped at 13 INT. Without buffs and just Improve Concentration, I have 900 falcon damage which is definitely not the 1k damage I'm used to, but its good enough so long as its consistent.

► Dexterity (70) - At first I was thinking about maintaining my 40 DEX threshold just like when I was a hunter however I realize that if I do so, I won't be able to maximize Focus Arrow Strike (Sharpshoot). Now that skill is really helpful for both farming and leveling. Especially with my high agi build, the high flee will allow me to dodge most attacks and the high vit will allow to take any damage that goes through...and in one fell swoop FAS can just kill them all in a straight line. So I decided to go for mid to high dex to have decent damage with FAS and of course increase my attack power. That being said a high attack bow is really necessary if you want to get the best damage out of FAS or even your normal attack in general. I prefer Hunter Bows over Gakkungs or Arbalests because of the difference in attack power. A slotted one with overups is optional but would be ideal for more damage. It's also good to keep a status bow handy for WOE. At the moment I do between 2.5k-6k of damage on FAS depending in critical chances.

► Luck (50) - I know its fairly low compared to my previous build which had 70 LUK however you must understand that I'm no longer a hunter. Becoming a sniper taught me how to balance out my stats to maximize the additional skills. To an extent 40 LUK is even enough but since I'm mainly going for a blitzer build, I went with 50. LUK also gives you crit chance. This crit chance goes hand in hand with Focus Arrow Strike (Sharpshoot) which has the chance to crit that's why I sometimes reach 6k dmg or sometimes even more in certain situations.

Although I sacrificed a lot of stat points by lowering my LUK and INT, in the long run I have higher aspd and flee because I maxed my AGI, increased my damage output because I have more DEX and have a higher chance of surviving WOE or leveling because of more VIT.


■ Indonesian Beret - All stats +3. This comes a long way especially for builds like these who rely more on their stats rather than their skills
■ Pecopeco Wing Ears - AGI +1. Some of you might think this is useless and that I'm better off with a Robo Eye. Believe me I've tried, and 1 less AGI meant not reaching the 187 aspd I have with full buffs.
■ Scissorhand Model - AGI +1. Same reason for the Pecopeco Wing Ears.
■ Pantie of Luck Switching (Venatu Card) - Gives 1 LUK for every 18 AGI. Since I've maxed out my AGI, this gives me 5 LUK as well as completes my Pantie + Undershirt combo that gives me 5 more AGI and 10 more Flee.
■ Undershirt of Rogue - AGI +3. Maybe not the most conventional as most people prefer Whisper or Choco Cards for more flee or perfect dodge but the additional AGI helps getting my aspd up. At this point in time, I've realize I had too much flee but too little aspd so this helps balance it out.
■ Green Boots - AGI +1 HP +10%. Some suggested using a Male Thief Bug Card instead of this so that I could use a Robo Eye but the additional 10% HP is just too good to pass up.
■ 2 Athletic Brooch - AGI +3. Honestly If I had a Vesper Core 03 I wouldn't use these but its the next best thing so I guess I'm stuck with it for the meantime.
■ +7 Boned Hunter Bow (Skel Worker Card) - Some would prefer a Bloody (Hydra Card) one but the additional 5 attack power and 15% dmg to medium monsters makes for an all around bow. Although it's not as effective in WOE or PVP unlike the Hydra Card, but would still be useful for leveling against medium size monsters. Like I said, its good to balance everything out, and your equipment is no exception.
■ +10 Quadruple Cursing Composite Bow (Magnolia Card) - No it doesn't give you 20% chance to curse but rather gives you 4 chances of 5% chance to curse when you hit anyone or anything with your arrows. Very useful during WOE. Makes them waste their holy waters.

Other equipment I carry are:
■ Hiding Brooch - to hide in case of emergency
■ Evil Pantie - for geffenia
■ Deadly Pantie - for WOE usually or just preventing stone curse while leveling


I don't usually have a fixed leveling guide since most of my grinding is based on feeling. If I feel good leveling in a certain spot, then I'd continue doing that until I get fed up with seeing the same monster day in and day out. Here's an example of my leveling progression:

■ Wolf/Muka - I prefer Mukas over Wolves since I can just move on to killing Hodes in the same map which saves me a lot of time and zeny. Fire arrows are key. Probably good until level 30.
■ Hode - Almost everyone levels here in their 30's. Sometimes with slave priests. You also get to witness some bots hahaha! Good exp and maybe good til level 45.
■ Geographers - It maybe fairly low for you to start grinding with Geographers at mid level but so long as you don't have two or more of them near each other, you'll be able to kill them in no time, even with minimal damage. I do not grind with Leafcats because Geographers already give good job experience. Yes it may take a while to kill them at lower levels but you're still getting good experience. In my opinion, Leafcat grinding is good for those non-ranged characters who want to get to 2nd job fast. Archers/Hunters/Snipers don't have to worry about getting hit by Geographers because they're a few cells away. Unless one spawns beside you LOL. You can probably grind until level 60 or 70...or 93 like me hahaha!

■ Alarms/High Orc - Some even go to extent of grinding these maps until they reach level 99. I find that both give good experience, although Alarms take a little bit longer to kill compared to High Orcs. For me, I prefer High Orcs since you can use crystal arrows for more damage or have yourself endowed. Also I hate the sound of arrows hitting Alarms. Its just not pleasing to my ears. Yes, I'm not joking. Remember when I first said my grinding is based on feeling? This is a good example. Probably good to level until 80, maybe 85...or 99 for some people.

■ Stalactic Golem/Anolian/Medusa - Depending on your equipment, this is what we call end-game leveling. Those players who grind with Medusa's are usually the ones that have Deadly (Evil Druid Card) Armor. If you don't have it, or the budget to get it, its fine, there are other options. You can go Anolians which are either in Clock Tower, Comodo, and I'm sure most of you don't know this but they're also in Glast Heim as I discovered on fateful day. And finally, probably the safest to grind at is with Stalactic Golems. They're not aggressive. Apparently the only aggressive onces in the map are easy kills. But yes, although they are probably one of the hardest monsters to kill (and by hard I mean take a long time) because they're formless monsters with no elemental weakness, having to put up with they're impenetrable defense still makes up for safe leveling. Well its good for my build because blitz beat ignores defense so even though I do minimal damage with my normal attacks, the falcon will do the rest.

If you want to plan your stats and simulate your items, you can go to This website has helped me a lot with designing this build and will most likely be the same for you.

I also have a short clip which shows my progress so far with the build, even if I haven't reached all of my planned stats yet at level 93.


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Dec 6, 2018
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Thanks for this guide sir, it helps me alot and I decided to surpas your sniper ADL blitzer build. ^_^