Sniper Mission: Shooting Games is officially launched for Android devices

Game developer JoyMore Inc. launched its new Q version of the low-poly first-person sniper game Sniper Mission: Shooting Games on Android devices via the Google Play Store. As per the game introduction, you will play as a crack-shot sniper, accept mysterious missions, punish evil in Mafia City, protect the weak, and finally become an admirable sniper in Mafia City.


In Sniper Mission: Shooting Games, players will be deployed in a place where crimes are prevalent called the Valorant City. As a professional and well-trained sniper, you will be tasked with bringing justice to Valorant City and trying to eliminate the criminals with your deadly sniper gun. Your goal as a sniper will be determined according to your tasks or missions every day. You must be smart and calm enough to kill the target with only one bullet, so choose the crucial point.

As aforementioned, you get one shot to kill the target, so aim carefully. There are also other ways to approach and eliminate your target, as the game provides an interactive background where players can use different environmental features of each mission to kill the targets. In that way, you will not just have to aim at the target person, but you can also aim at nearby objects or props to potentially eliminate them as well through explosions.


The game will feature various selections of unique sniper rifles that can be purchased and upgraded after completing your tasks. Note that each weapon has different stats, including its range and damage, which will determine which rifle is suitable for your mission. So, choose wisely what to use, as weapon selection is another crucial part of the game.


In addition, there will be a PvP (player versus player) mode where 1v1 and 4v4 are possible. In this way, you can fight against various players around the globe online.

Sniper Mission: Shooting Games is now available for Android via the Google Play Store. It is still unclear whether the game will be available on iOS devices soon or not.