Social Link Unlocked: Signs Point to Persona 4 Golden coming to PC PC 

The Persona series have garnered a lot of success in the past few years. Over the years after the creation of Persona 3 they have rose among the odds from a niche JRPG to a timeless classic game. With the popularity that it has been gaining, people are wondering if there would be ways to play the game in other platforms like the PC and while others are having success with emulators, an official port would be better overall. Well, it looks like our wishes have been heard.

Rumor started spreading that ATLUS' big announcement includes the PC release of some Persona games, it's not Persona 5 if you might ask, it's still too early to establish a PC port there, but it can be possible. No, we're talking about the other games before 5. Persona 3 and 4 which helped established the game to success. In the past hours, there have been rumors about Persona 4 Golden being available on Steam. Here's one from Nibellion stating that they have found Persona 4 Golden Denuvo support and SteamDB listing

This case has been solidified even further by SteamDB developer, Pavel Djundik have been hearing news from various sources so he can back up that it may be the real deal.

Persona 4 Golden had been stuck in PlayStation Vita for 8 years now and it's about time that it is ported to a newer device, and porting it to PC is a smart idea. Since a lot of Persona fans have been asking if they can port the game in the PC because it's much more accessible for the majority of people.

If these rumors do ring true and more and more evidence have been showing then it's only a matter of time and the growth of support in the PC port that ATLUS will see that people will definitely support their PC market allowing their latest and future games to have a PC counterpart in the future. I, for one agree on this. Having known Persona via emulators and enjoying the game that I almost bought Royal without a PS4 of my own, makes me want to support the PC ports of their games in the future. I know I'll grab a copy of Golden. How about you? Tell us in the comments below!