Social MMORPG Utopia No.8 has been announced for PC and Smartphones

A new social MMORPG called Utopia No.8 has been unveiled by Taiwanese game developer Happy Tomato for PC through Steam, Android, and iOS. In November 2023, the game also launches in early access on Windows.


Utopia No.8, a video game created with Unreal Engine, takes place in a far-off time when people are searching the universe for resources. You will meet people from all around the world as you set out on an expedition to construct your ideal home as a young explorer. The project began in February 2022, and the plan states that an Alpha Test will be conducted in June 2023. In November 2023, the game will offer early access. The game will have a soft launch in 2024, a full release in 2025, and more features and upgrades starting in 2026.

Utopia No.8 Trailer​

Utopia No.8 Gameplay​

One of the highlights of the game is its extensive character customization, which enables players to design a distinctive and adorable character by changing their hairstyles, hair color, face shape, skin tone, eyebrow, and lip colors as well as their height and weight to suit their tastes and preferences. Moreover, users can select their race and age. If they meet specific criteria, they can also unlock unique behavior animations. With millions of possible look combinations and dye kits for limitless customization, players can design and manufacture their own outfits and accessories.

Audio and video chats, as well as interactive chat rooms with a theme, will all be available on Utopia No. 8. Gamers can sing karaoke, provide fashion advice, play board games, participate in numerous challenges in various gaming rooms, and communicate with people all over the world via audio and video chat. Those who want a more laid-back setting can simply relax at the bar and listen to music.

The game offers farming and animal breeding facilities, horticulture, fishing, logging, mining, and cooking systems, as well as the opportunity to raise and care for PIYAs, which are intimate companions and charming assistants.

With special goods that grant bonuses when created utilizing exploration and adventure scripts, as well as farm materials and elements gathered by PIYA, Utopia No. 8 offers players endless creative opportunities. In addition to being able to build their own home on a plot of land, players can also run shops, establish theme parks, villas, and resorts, have tea parties, park spacecraft or hoverboards at the door, and take control of the entertainment industry.