Solo Leveling: ARISE opens application for its Partner Creator Plus program

Developers of the action RPG Solo Leveling: ARISE has announced the Partner Creator Plus program for the game. Creators from different social media platforms can apply, just follow the criterias set by the developers. Through the creator program, not only the game will gain benefits but also the creators. With the creators helping in increasing the player participation and fan engagement, several exclusive treats from the game will be received by the creators in exchange.

solo leveling arise partner creator.png

Currently, the game has only called for YouTube creators. For others from other platforms, don’t worry you will still have a chance to apply as you might be called at a later time. For the meantime, here’s the requirements that’s needed to be eligible to join the creator program:
  • Age 20 or older
  • Have more than 1,000 YouTube channel subscribers
  • Creators who submitted the pre-recruitment mission
solo leveling arise.png

If confirmed that the application has been successful and you are officially part of the creator program, here’s the benefits that you will receive:
  • Creators will receive a portion of the in-game purchases made by connected supporters as Partner Points.
  • Exclusive coupons will be given to the creators as rewards for uploading videos.
Note, there are rankings amongst the creators, with the higher the rank, the more rewards will be given. Also, for those who are chosen for the program, the lowest rank is immediately granted. Below is a reference that you can use in regards to the ranking system:

Screenshot 2024-05-03 190126.png

To join the Solo Leveling: ARISE Partner Creator Plus program, the creator must first visit the website where the application is ongoing. Remember, an account is needed for you to apply, which can be made via the website as well if you don’t want to use either your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

solo leveling arise1.jpg

Next, verify the YouTube Channel that you will use to post the game content. Input the email address associated with the YouTube channel. After that, write an introductory message that lets the developers know who you are within 200 characters. Don’t forget to create a unique creator ID and enter the email that Netmarble can contact you on. Finally, post the link of a video content you made about Solo Leveling: ARISE and mark the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as OK and then click Submit.

solo leveling arise.jpg

Previously, the application for the program was supposed to have ended yesterday but fortunately, the developers have extended the application period until May 22. So for those that are interested to be part of Solo Leveling: ARISE Partner Creator Plus program, you still have time. Good luck!