Solo Leveling to get Video Game Adaptation and many more

According to industry sources, Solo Leveling will get a game, drama, and film adaptations based on it. The petitioners for the anime based on Solo Leveling have yet to find any result for their petitions but this news has granted that these adaptations are more likely to happen.


For those who didn't know, Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel written by Chugong. It was serialized in Kakao's digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage since July 2016 and then later published by D&C Media under their Papyrus label in November 2016. After that, the novel has been licensed in English by Webnovel under the title "Only I Level Up".


The Solo Leveling game seems that it will be developed by Netmarble. If this really happens, we can probably expect that it will be a free-to-play mobile game. As for the drama, the talks about it are still ongoing and it will be under an American producing studio with Warner Brothers showing an interest in the project as what the sources tipped. The drama being produced by an American production is meant to make the Korean content to be known by the global audiences and to do this, it will be made available through streaming platforms.


However, the film is stated to be still in a review for production by an "international distributor". But it's still early in the year so a lot may still happen. Let's just wait for any development updates that they will release.