Solo Queue Rant


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May 11, 2015
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Guys who play in solo queue, please always take note that your team is not required to clash immediately in the first five minutes of the game. Marksmen will be a very big liability most of the time early game because their damage output will be miniscule against tanks, and will be constantly poked by assassins, especially if your hero has minimal mobility like Tel'Annas or Yorn. There is a reason why marksmen are called the carry of the team. You carry them early game, then they carry you later once they build and complete their items. So, please, prioritize these early in the game.

- farming to build items
- clear waves (to farm, and also to push/protect lanes)
- killing objectives (like the Abyssal Dragons and golems)
- poking at the towers

Now, for my actual rant. These... people in the picture below (ain't hiding their names), who I unfortunately had the misery of being teammates with, are harassing me as being a "noob" for not taking mid. Uh, hello, have you guys updated your games? Sure you did already, so you must have seen the strategy map. Do you see marksmen at mid whenever someone picks an mm? No right? Guess what, mages should be at mid, dumdums, because they are slow squishies with inferior range (vs marksmen) that need to hug towers in early game so mobility/harass heroes like Butterfly or Murad can't poke them from the brush. Plus, Tel'Annas needs to have a teammate with her always to activate her passive +10% damage boost, which will be a tool to harass Dragon Lane heroes in early game.

After five minutes of straying alone in Dragon Lane (because Arthur is bitching that I suck so he left me to fend for myself), my score was what, 0-2-0? I ended up 8-3-6. I carried yo heavy arses in the end game because that's my role. Thank goodness I farmed the creeps and monsters even if you guys continued feeding the enemy team.

So, that's it. Just letting off some steam. See ya in solo queue!