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May 1, 2019
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Tips in Solo Ranking, How to carry teammates who only kill and not push?

I know that teammates who only kill and not push are not the worst teammates. Why? Because at least they are doing one of the things to at least give your team a chance to get objectives.

I will give example of one of worse teammate than what we are going to discuss.

Those who tries to kill even though they are outnumbered in terms of hero count, XP, and Gold. A small difference doesn't hurt a lot, but facing a snowballed enemy 1v1?

Some might argue this is situational because a level 6 assassin can kill a level 7 Layla. Yup it is situational. It is already given that it is situational. The point here is you shouldn't enter a fight that you know you can't win.

So back to the topic, those who Successfully kills and not push is clearly not the worst teammates. In solo ranking, you will not always be getting bad teammates that is why you need to always do your best so that you will have the max chance of winning.

The trick in dealing with this kind of teammates is to convert their kills into push. How? Let me give a specific situation.

Of course in lower ranks (Warrior to GM), you should be picking heroes that is good in pushing especially in Grandmaster rank. The best role is fighter. Marksman and physical damage dealer Assassin are also good picks. The only risk with Marksman is that players in Grandmaster can kill you since most players in Grandmaster Rank have at least 2 season experience already. Another is that most players play Marksman already so just choose Marksman if no one shows a Marksman pick.

In the first 3 minutes, it is normal that no one will push since you should be focusing on getting at least level 4 or 5.

From 3 to 6 minutes, this is where lanes will be offguard since teamfights will start to happen. Mage and Assassin will start to gank. Fighter will try to push at least 1 tower. Marksman will continue to jungle hard for their first core item. Tank and Support will join their teammates.

After 6 minutes, if your team still haven't push a turret even though you have the upperhand in terms of kills, that means your teammates are really just focusing on killing rather than pushing.

So here's what to do:
  1. Look at the stat of your teammates. Whoever is in the lead of gold, XP, and kills, you better join that teammate in teamfights.
  2. Push when the lane is cleared.
  3. Repeat
Example: Your snowballed teammate is Karina. Your hero is Ruby.

Again, snowballed teammate means your well-fed teammate. The one who leads everyone in terms of Gold and XP.

Karina goes toplane to kill the solo enemy hero guarding the lane. You both hide in the bush and wait for the enemy to move away from the turret. You and Karina attacked and successfully kill the hero. As Karina is moving to other lanes, you will clear the lane and push. Then after that, switch to the lane where Karina is again.

In short, your rotation will depend on your teammate.

What if reinforcements came?

Then just switch lane and follow Karina again. Just be patient in pushing since if you force pushing, you will find yourself getting killed and feeding the enemy rather than pushing to victory.

With this tactic, you might not get the MVP Medal but you will surely be at Gold or Silver depending on your Assist count. You will be getting assist because you are supporting the killer in your team. You will also get the most stat in terms of push.

But the most important is, you will give not only your teammates, but yourself, a higher chance to win.

Just avoid being toxic and the cancer itself because if you do that, you are giving free star to your opponent. Use the chatbox to motivate teammates and tell them what's the right thing to do rather than trashtalking them. Always play your role and you will always have a higher chance of winning. Remember that you can't win all the time. Sometimes it is not because of your teammates. It is simply because the enemy team is a better team. Pro players know that.

By: AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide